01 August 2011

Spots & Dots

I consider myself to be rather fashion forward, but some risks are pulled off better by some than others. So, although I'm enamored with polka dots and practically obsessed with leopard print, I'm not exactly confident that I can pull them off together. However, I've seen it executed beautifully and I'm kinda loving it!

As seen here, on the Dolce & Gabbana fall 2010 runway:

In my first post on print mixing, I discussed pairing florals with stripes and polka dots, too (read it here). But where those combinations are more on the sweet side, I think this collab has a bit more spice.

Alexa Chung

If like me, you're drawn to this look, but not yet ready to dive headlong into its unconventional pairing, here are a few of my personal suggestions for taking baby steps:

1. Let one print be the dominant - I suggest going with the dots, because it's less attention grabbing than a full leopard dress. But go for a more subtle print with small dots and pair with pumps or flats in the animal print.

2. Pair in small doses - Instead of going full out with larger pieces, use minimal material and try dotted shorts and a spotted tank under a solid cardigan.

3. Pair in even smaller doses - If going full on with this mix isn't quite your speed yet, incorporate it into your look with accessories such a s a killer leopard print bag intermixed with an adorable polka dot pump or scarf.

Spots & Dots - 1

Emily and Fin slip dress, $78
Vero Moda Very jacket, £27
Nayeli high heel pumps, $30
With Love From CA layered chain necklace, $9.50
Nine West beaded hoop earrings, $24
Wide black belt, $11
Purse Boutique: Taupe Oversized ''Savitha'' Hobo Vitalio Handbags,..., $50

Spots & Dots - 2

Black cardigan, £28
Sheer blouse, $33
H! by Henry Holland polka dot shorts, £22
Bangle bracelet, $28
Carolee gold stud earrings, $24
Dorothy Perkins black belt, £15
Purse Boutique: Red Alligator ''Glossie'' Satchel Purses by LYDC, $50
Merona Maribel Peep-toe Wedges - Black, $28

Spots & Dots - 3

Great Plains white t shirt, $16
H&M boyfriend jeans, £20
Via Spiga nude pumps, $100
River Island shoulder handbag, £40
Urban Outfitters stainless steel watch, $28
Juicy Couture silver bracelet, $42
Good Charma heart bracelet, $30
G by Guess silver earrings, $15
Forever21 square sunglasses, $6.80
Aqua Girls' "Boyfriend" Blazer in Navy, $41
Neck Scarf With Large Polka Dots, $13

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