30 May 2012

DD's Style File - Yes, It's True...I've Got Another Pink Blazer

Yes, I know, who needs three pink blazers?? (the others here and here) But there was only one left, it happened to be my size and it was just so darn cute! What was I supposed to do just leave it there?!

As a matter of fact, I was so thrilled with my find and swooned so for it's poppy pinkness that I wanted to snatch off the tag and wear it right on outta the store! They also had a similar cut in aqua blue, but I wasn't so lucky to find a size for me in that one.
Pink blazer - H&M
Cream v-neck tee - Unknown
Beige pencil skirt - The Limited
Turquoise sandals - Rachel Roy
Gold tassel necklace - Express
Sunnies - Nine West
I got the heels in Vegas. The last pair. And half a size too small. But sized just close enough to be the right amount of "you gotta buy me."  Needless to say, I felt all cute and edgy heading into the office this morning.

Neon skinny belt - H&M
Square orange bracelet - The Limited
Gold stack rings - Express
Gold circle bracelet - JCPenney
Cream woven bracelet - H&M
White handbag - Coach
Although some of my officemates were a bit perplexed by my wearing blue shoes with a pink jacket...what can I say, I've told you all before that I don't live in the most fashion forward place in America. Me? I loved it, had me feelin' all Rainbow Brite happy and all that.

26 May 2012

DD's Style File - Weekend Chic: Mint Mullet Dress

I'm excited about this weekend style file post because when I saw this dress on the rack I was less than enthused but grabbed it anyway since it was in one of the colors that has been taking over my wardrobe this season. Plus, it looked like it had potential. I was shopping in a hurry, so I didn't have time for try ons and just went with my gut. And once I got it on, I was crazy about it, even in all of it's wrinkled glory!

I will admit that it was a dickens to iron, but well worth it. Once it was paired with one of my most recent shoe purchases (one of several purchases actually..), the stars aligned and it was bananas!

 Love! I felt chic and sophisticated, but not at all overdone.
Mint hi-Low hem dress - H&M
Taupe netted wedge - Gunmetal
Cream patent belt - H&M
Even though the dress is a soft pastel shade, since the shoes were more structured and busy, I kept the rest of the look simple, incorporating a skinny belt at the waist, a cuff bracelet and burnished gold and pearl drape earrings.

These shoes were sayin' something - had to have them. But Gunmetal was an unfamiliar brand to me, so I was concerned about the quality of the shoe. However, they've been so awesome I plan to stay on the look out for the brand because their execution is edgy, fashion forward and original.
White coated wicker clutch - Vintage
Taupe and gold woven bracelet - The Limited
Cream braid bracelet - Forever 21

Light pink sunnies - Charlotte Russe

This happened to be my first purchase of a dress or skirt with this mullet shape, but on my most recent shopping expedition in Atlanta I found myself stepping out of my "safe zone," purchasing a few other styles in similar cuts and several pairs of wedge heels. I just needed something fresh in my wardrobe beyond my circle skirts, pencil skirts and stiletto heels....know what I mean. (sending air kisses & hugs to Tamara at Nine West, you were a doll!)

Even though I'm in shopping haul heaven, I'd love to hear what are you feelings on the "mullet cut" hem, hate it or love it?

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

25 May 2012

DD's Style File - Lovin' Me Some Mint & Coral

I can't even say what made me put all these colors together in one outfit. *laughing* But I really liked it in the end, it felt comfy enough for the heated temperatures, but still chic enough for the office.

I so love pairing mint and coral together, so I finished the look with my new sandals and my Marc Jacobs bag. I didn't have a lot of time for picture taking, so I took this photo when I could squeeze in a few free minutes.

Coral top - BCBGeneration
Blue pencil skirt - Target
Mint sandals - Seychelles
Teal bag - Marc Jacobs
Gold bracelet - JCPenney
Gold tassel necklace - Express

I'm really smitten with tops and blouses that have uneven hems. I purchased this top last year, but have bought several other styles with similar cuts this season. Looking at this picture, I noticed that I've been grabbing that gold tassel necklace rather frequently. That's not intentional because it's not my favorite, it's just ok.  Usually it seems to work out that way since there isn't another in my collection that blends as seamlessly with my looks. So I'm shopping for a few gold ones to add some more variety. Until then, I bet we'll see this one popping up in some future posts.

23 May 2012

Clarisonic Acne Brush Head Review

Ok, I'll start this review off by being totally and utterly honest - I'm biased.

I've been on the Clarisonic bandwagon for about six years and feel like it was an investment piece well worth the money. And if mine broke tomorrow, I'd be online buying another one in a blink of an eye.  I never want to be without it...obviously.

image credit
That being said, I will also say that this enthusiasm was primarily based on that fact that I simply believe it cleans my face better than I do with my hands. I know, earth shattering, right? I could go a night or two without using it, but then I felt like my skin was building up with ickiness. So trust me, as simplistic as my reasoning was at the core, I still valued whatever the Clarisonic did, just that much. So much so, that a couple years ago I took a four day summer trip to D.C. and forgot it (the horror!) and because I could not be without the feeling of being "scrubbed" I headed to the Sephora in Georgetown and bought one of those little complexion brushes for about $5.

It semi-quelled my separation anxiety, but it was NOWHERE near the same.

Forgive me if that rains on the parade of those of you who don't want to pay the money and have convinced yourselves that that little brush does the same job as a Clarisonic. It doesn't - but then again, you all probably already have great skin and wouldn't notice much of a difference either way. Lucky girls...

Now, despite my admission that I'm biased, I still have to tell ya that I've fallen in love with my Clarisonic all over again. Even though I've used the Delicate, Sensitive and Normal brush heads in the past, I never felt that any of them were quite the one for my skin type.

About a month ago I decided to pick up a replacement brush, and initally debated between the Deep Pore cleansing one and the new Acne brush.

The design focus of the Acne brush is geared toward concentrated pore cleansing and acne prone skin. Read: big, clogged pores and breakouts.

Hello, that would be me.

So ultimately, I'm sure I was more than a little influenced by the massive, angry, red, pulsating pimple that had taken up residence on my cheek at the time.

image credit

But I'm thrilled that I bought the one I did. I'm so pleased with what this brush does to my skin, that I actually look forward to washing my face every day. Seriously, like I'm excited about it and might even wash my face way before bedtime if I'm not going back out.  My skin just feels really refreshed and clean after using it. I do use it twice a day and the only way I skip a use is if I'm forced to because it needs charging.

Now, I'm not implying that this brush has rid me of breakouts and zits, but because this head has denser, plusher bristles giving a deeper pore cleanse, it brings residue to the surface and makes it super easy to perform extractions. Which in turn, keeps that clogged pore from evolving into some nasty monster. Even when I do begin to get an under the surface blemish, I believe this brush has cleaned my pores so thoroughly that it permits my acne treatments to perform better, thereby ending the blemish sooner and making it much less of a problem.

Needless to say, because I do tend to have some "hoarder tendencies" when it comes to beauty products, I plan to stock up, just in case Clarisonic decides to stop producing this brush. *smile*

21 May 2012

DD's Style File - Blocks of Color

After that dip in temps it's once again feelin' like spring, so I went ahead and started pulling out some of my spring wardrobe purchases. This was an easy look, pairing two bold shades with my fav multi print pump to add some interest.

I wouldn't say this is true colorblocking, since it's broken up with a neutral, but I felt that helped make it a little more conservative for the office. Instead of quite so, "heeeey, y'all see me!"

Persimmon flyaway cardigan - Victoria's Secret
Kelly green cuffed ankle pant - Express
Cream tank - Forever 21
Coral multi peep toe pump - Nine West
Gold lariat dangle necklace - Express
Gold hoop earrings - The Limited
Round gray sunnies - Charlotte Russe

With these bright and happy colors, I think they could've stuck me right on in my favorite Target commercial. *smile*

Though it's my least favorite day of the week, I'm wishing you all a happy Monday!

16 May 2012

DD's Style File - Classic Sophisticate

Hey divas! I've been off the radar for a minute, the lack of posts was due to a combination of a short vacation and pure-dee exhaustion, but I'm here now and trying to get back into the swing of things...

Today I paired my cream and navy asymmetric striped blouse with a chic taupe pencil skirt and red and white sandals. I can't even tell you how much love I've got for this skirt! I also bought it in pink and blue (you can get it here and it's currently on sale). The shape is feminine and, dare I say - sexy. It is a true "wiggle" skirt, because it's tighter around the knees, but the ponte material holds it's shape very well and doesn't get baggy around the knee area from sitting and walking (like skirts I've purchased from other retailers...*cough*....TopShop).

Cream & navy striped top - The Limited
Taupe pencil skirt - Express
Red & white sandals - ALDO
Handbag - Coach
Gold & taupe woven bracelet - The Limited
Red patent belt - Unknown
Sunnies - Nine West

The blouse has a really boxy shape, which doesn't work on me, so tucking in is a must. I've had the sandals for several seasons and find reasons to pull them out every now and again. And yes, I have this Coach bag in pale coral too. I know, I know....not a necessity, but I love the shape and size of this bag. 

If you haven't caught on yet, I tend to have a bit of a problem when I like stuff....I buy it in multiples. But I swear, I'm not a hoarder!

I can't be the only one who buys multiples, any of you want to own up to your addiction?? I don't judge!

07 May 2012

DD's Style File - Tickled Pink

This blazer came from The Limited's new Forenza collection. I eyeballed it for a while, because it was pink of course, not Pepto Bismol, but more bright pink with a bit of a peachy undertone. But I also liked the shorter cut with it's modern crossover styling. However, the original price tag of $119, was not the least bit enticing, so I passed and passed on it until I one day I stopped in the store and it was forty percent off. And I just happened to have a coupon and a rewards ticket. Gotta love that!

I paired it with a wider leg denim dress pant and and ruffled top, for a classed-up casual look. I kept things low key on my feet and stuck with my go to nude peep toes.

Pink blazer - Forenza for The Limited
Flared denim pant - The Limited
White ruffle blouse - Target
Purple skinny belt - Target
Silver hoops - The Limited
Sunnies - Charlotte Russe

04 May 2012

Diva's Desires - Kelsi Dagger

I'm having a little lust affair with Kelsi Dagger shoes lately...especially the wedges! However, I'm trying to be a good girl and not buy another pair of shoes (at least until I go on vacation).

But the Gemini's are seriously calling my name! That kelly green color is a shade that's lacking in my current shoe collection, but being the budget diva that I am, I can't see myself paying full price for a shoe that I won't wear all year round or at least more than a handful in the warmer seasons. The PPW just doesn't balance out quite enough. Especially when I just missed them on MYHABIT when they were offered for half the price (curse those noon time work meetings!)...and since a girl can't seem to get her hands on a good coupon for twenty percent off or more, I'm keeping myself in check.

Kelsi Dagger


02 May 2012

tarte Precious Gems Review

When QVC advertised a set of eyeshadows in little shimmery pots of color along with a brush, I was giddy with interest. I had only been using pressed and loose powder shadows up until that point, which worked, but left me wanting a bit more as far as color payoff and longevity. The tarte Precious Gems Waterproof Cream Shadow Collection is infused with Amazonian clay and came in four wearable, neutral toned shades. It cost me about $40 with shipping. The colors are:

shimmering moss, a golden green
plum smoke, a rich plum
pink champagne, a shimmer pink
shimmering golden beige, a shimmer nude

First off, as nonessential information as this might seem, it's crucial - those cute little pots were SUPER difficult to open. It literally took me 10 minutes to get into one. However, after you're finally in, you're good. There is definitely a lot of product in the containers, it has a smooth and creamy feel. I tried applying the shades with and without a primer, and have better results with. Of the four colors my favorites are the pink champagne and golden beige. Next I'd pick the plum smoke. The jury's still out on the shimmering moss. Maybe it's my caramel coloring, but it just doesn't look so hot...

Being a lover of brushes, I first tried to apply the color with the brush on my eyelid, the results were kind of sad. I had to dab the brush into the color repeatedly, but it didn't seem to apply smoothly. It almost seemed like the brush bristles were too waxy for the color to properly adhere, so I tried using one of my e.l.f. Studio brushes instead. The brush pretty much sucked the color right up. I opted instead to use my finger, but the color didn't seem to apply seamlessly, so I used more of a "dab, dot, blend" method which worked fairly well.

Alternately, I will say that the brush worked extremely well when applying the color to as highlight to my brow brown and inner corner of my eye, which I use my two favorites for - but none of that was worth what I paid for it. I personally just don't feel that there's anything spectacular about this collection and I should have just sent it back, but I was determined to make it work. I had never used any of tarte's products before, but given their often rave reviews I am still interested in trying other products in the future.