15 August 2012

DD's Style File - Easy, Breezy

We stepped out for a bit for a bite to eat and drinks yesterday evening. Since it was a little cooler than it had been recently, it was the perfect opportunity to finally wear these pants and a longer sleeved blouse (summer is only three months long with a crap shoot for September, so I try to cram in all my summer pieces while I can).

White silk top - The Limited
Green silk pant - H&M
Gold metallic pump - Steve Madden
Jade necklace - Forever 21
I wanted to go with an unfussy, uncomplicated look. Cue a silken button up shirt and breezy, neon hued lounge pants; add some metallic pumps and a colorful clutch and I'm ready to go

Navajo print clutch - Dot's
Orange square bracelet - The Limited
Multi shell bracelet - unknown
I wrote all about my adventures with this printed clutch on Monday, read about it here.

Peach Bellinis & Mint Mojitos

We're halfway to the weekend ladies!

13 August 2012

Shopping Giddiness

Last week I wrote this post about being all jazzed up the past couple of weeks because of my recent shopping scores. It's those times where you finally get your hands on something that you've been itching to have and it was all sold out or you just couldn't get it in your size or your price point.

Incidentally, I've talked about all of my little lust's right here on Dazzling Diva:

First, there was the Valentino bow flip flop that I obsessed over last year after seeing them in Vegas. Well fate would have it, a year later I'd bump into good pair of flip flops that were so daggone similar that it caused me to squeal girlishly in the aisle at the store. I was so pleased, that I bought the last two pair in my size for a total of....wait for it....$8!

Then came the Vidalia clutch by ShoeDazzle, it was all sold out. But whaddya know, months later I was able to grab the same brightly colored Navajo print on another clutch for less than half the price than I would have paid. It wasn't the shape I would have chosen initially, but when there's something you've been wanting, when you find a comparable piece, suddenly you'll find yourself willing to compromise!

(Oddly, both those fashion voids were filled by the same retailer - Dot's.)

More recently came my burning yearning to have this Victoria's Secret ruffled maxi. By the time came that I received my clearance catalog, it was already all sold out - in all sizes. Now, I will say that I ran into it a couple times on the site before making my purchase, but I wasn't willing to bid on it. A bidding war for a coveted item is not my idea of fun. However, a regular scouring of eBay over a couple weeks finally led me to the exact dress in my size, waiting with a Buy It Now option. Consider it mine. Before the end of the season I will try to post of picture of me in all of its bohemian loveliness.

What about you ladies, were you lucky enough to score any coveted piece this year?

06 August 2012

DD's Style File - Look, Ma - No Heels!

I honestly think this is my first outfit post where I'm actually wearing flats! And it was a work day, can you believe it!?

I love my heels and plan to wear them deep into my age of wisdom, even if that only means to Sunday church service. But even though I'm a die hard shoe hoarder lover, some days lil' mama's  tootsies are tired and I reach for footwear of the flatter variety.
Orange & navy striped tee - The Limited
Chambray skirt - NY & Co.
Blue mesh flats - Payless
Navy dotted tote - Old Navy
Yellow braided belt - The Limited
Green sunnies - Boutique 
I know, I know...I'm standing on tiptoe a little bit in this photo, but it was more to show the sparkly stone embellishment and less about the fact that I'm pretty short (about 5'4") and did not feel long legged and gazelle-like without my three inches of confidence boost.

Beyond the fact of being a little worn out this morning, I always wear a low pump or flats with this skirt.

I have a love/hate relationship with the skirt actually, though I've had a for about three years and loved it when I bought it. Over time I began to feel that it was:

1. A bit too short, not excessively so, but shorter than what I seem used to at the office.

2.  It feels waaay short if I put it on with higher heels.

3. The flounciness of it never worked well with a blazer to balance out it's extra girly factor, it just my behind area look rather unflattering.

Despite all that, it somehow manages to continue being saved from the give away/throw away/sell/Salvation Army pile when I purge my closet two to three times during the year. I keep wardrobe items for a really long time, even ones that I've worn only once in three years or more, because you just know when something is a wardrobe staple that'll keep on giving. But then there are times you're just like, "why did I buy this?" or "I know I'm never gonna wear this again" and those things go in the purge pile.

But I really liked this look and the way it added flirtiness to the dots, stripes and punches of color. So for now it's a mainstay, since it's actually been earning it's keep.

03 August 2012

Pretty Little Things

This is a short review of my week in pictures. These are the things that added a happy lil' sparkle to my week.

As much as I adore Marc Jacob bags and shoes with red bottoms, it really doesn't take quite so much to get me giddy. Small (and cheap) things work too and can turn out to be the stuff I become most fond of!

It certainly helps that some of of these things also happen to come from my Diva's Desires list (more on that in a future post), which is kind of the equivalent to a bucket list. Because when you get to cross one of those lovelies off, it makes for a wonderful day!

I'm gushing, I know. But it doesn't happen often.

So here is a brief run down...

1. Darling bow flip flops that are going to be my besties for the remainder of the summer

2. The turquoise printed pashmina that keeps the chill at bay while in my office cubicle

3. Clutches in interesting prints, and a bright yellow pashmina I got for free
(thanks rewards coupon!)

4. Adorable and delectable French macaroons from DessertHub.com
( my first time having them....yum!)

Stayed tuned for more details (and a few funny stories) on items shown in this post!

I'm going to apologize now just in case my posts are little less than regular in the upcoming weeks. The move is coming up in just a few weeks, so packing is getting down to the wire and I'm headed back to school this fall and classes start up a few days before moving day. *sigh*  I just can't wait until it's over and I'm all settled...

Happy Friday ladies and have wonderful weekend!!