05 August 2015

DD's Style File - Sweet as a Peach

Can you believe that summer is actually winding down to a close?! At least here in the northeast, August and the start of the new school year signals one last "official" summer weekend. With that being Labor Day.

I mean it's seriously sad though! We get what feels like nine months of winter and consistent summer temperatures don't even seem to want to make an appearance until July

The sun decided to play games with me when I pulled out my gear to take these photos. Not only does the sun want to run away sooner in the day, but as I pulled out and set up all my gear, it decided to hide behind the clouds. Give me a break!

 But I pressed on, in hopes of catching what sunlight I could. I didn't want bright light because it completely washed out the warm peachy color of this dress and made it appear lighter than it really is. So I wanted more golden sunset lighting.

Seriously though, I can't say what it was that I really ended up with, but it wasn't anything "golden." But my pup was in his car seat being super well behaved, so I took that as a sign to capture what images I could (is anyone else's dog more like a clingy fur child? No? Just me?... Oh...ok :-/).

But about the dress - totes adorbs, right?! I found it during my trip to Puerto Rico last fall (where I had NO intention of shopping and was dragged to the mall against my will). And as soon as I saw this, I loved, loved, loved the soft summer peach shade. As much as I love shift and trapeze style dresses, I have a long spanning affection for maxi dresses. I do feel our summers here don't give me nearly enough opportunities to wear them as often as I'd like.

Like this one, they are a great way to dress up in flats for a nice dinner on the patio or a quick way to look like you put in more effort than you really did when running errands. I would easily rock this to the grocery with oversized hoop earrings and toss on these same sandals or a basic metallic flip flop and I'm out the door.

Dress: Macy's (similarbeautiful option)
Sandals: NY&Co - old (similar, similar)
Necklace: gift from my mommy (similar, similar)

And, divas, let's not forget that maxis hide a multitude of things that we'd really like to hide. I would just suggest that if you're going to be with small children that still require picking up, don't go with a strapless dress like this, lessens the chance for an accidental peep show.

If you're a more petite height your can still do a maxi length. It's an asset to find a great seamstress, but if you'd like to avoid that expense, I'm sure YouTube can show you tons of ways to hem a dress without needing a needle and thread (as seen here).

This post is also a part of Mix & Match Fashion's Summer Style Link Up!

Mix & Match Fashion

29 July 2015

DD's Style File: Fashion Fairy

I have no problem whatsoever wearing tulle, sequins and sparkly jewelry in my every day life. I, of course, consider where I'm heading and what's going on that day, but I basically feel like the unintentional Carrie in my little city on the lake.

I can't bring myself to pass up pretty things just because I can't think of when or where I'll get to wear them. Now, of course, there's a meter to this, and some stuff just doesn't make for a budget friendly sensible buy. So I mourn my loss and leave it on the rack for the next diva. But I enjoy incorporating whimsy into my life, and I'm certainly not going to pass it up because of what someone else might think. And that goes for a decadent, delectable treat when I'm on a mission to eat right or this Cinderella-esque skirt right here in a world of khaki.

And tulle is having one heck of a moment right now. I personally think that it all started with amazing and talented personal style bloggers, like KTRStyle, a while back then just caught on like wildfire. Which why I was able to troop into Kohl's a few months back and find a rack of $50 tulle skirts. I know it's not for everybody, but I'm here for it, at least for this moment in my fashion journey.

Top: ASOS - old (similarsimilarsimilar
Skirt: Kohl's (similarsimilar)
Shoes: Michelle K. - super old (similar colora bow optionsimilar style)
Purse: JCPenney - old (similarsimilarsimilar print)

Before I head off, I'm going to leave you all with the struggles of a personal style blogger. First off, on photo shoot day it got too friggin' bright out once I had my gear set up. But I was there and decided to snap what I could despite the blinding sun and ferocious heat making perspiration trickle down my back. On top of that, my heel tip almost got snatched off in between the boardwalk planks. And if the picture below looks like I lost something....I nearly did. My shutter remote slipped out of my hand and almost slid into the lake! So this is definitely a candid outtake, but my outfit angles looked good though! So I kept it in! 

Ok! I'm done with my whining!! 

The last day of my summer university course is tomorrow and I can finally get back on a regular schedule after five weeks. I'm off to do the Nae Nae in celebration!!

27 July 2015

The Struggle with Oily Skin is Real: Multi Foundation Review

Yesterday's post on Instagram got me to thinking that I could probably do some kind of beauty review on some of the foundations on my rotation lately. Well, technically, they're not rotating. I've pretty much mashed them together in an effort to create the PERFECT foundation for my skin type.

Here's the goal:
- smooths
- evens tone
- looks natural
- feels natural
- combats my oilies

I know, I know I'm asking for a makeup miracle, but here's the thing...I don't really wear a lot of foundation, which is where the desire for natural feeling coverage comes in. I have some uneven tone due to hyperpigmentation (I'm a serial pimple popper) and I have oily skin equivalent to bacon grease (like for reals). I'm sure I'll appreciate this oil factory later in life, but right now, it's more of a pain.

In addition to the foundations pictured, I also wear the Mac Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in NC45, but find that coverage works best in cooler months, though I do typically use a dusting of it as a finishing powder over my liquid foundations. 

Here's my issue... I was uber intrigued by the CoverFX Custom Cover Drops. so I had to try them out (but of course). I didn't love them, but was determined to make them work for me if only for their $45 price tag. The problem I had was that even after pouring over the shades for 2 days, my shade G60, was a tad off.  A smidge too yellow, but I don't want to buy another bottle in G70. Then of all the mixing mediums I tried, the only one I truly liked was with the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Moisturizer. But after a couple hours you know I'm looking like the canola factory.

Next, I decided to try Maybelline's Fit Me Matte & Poreless. Love, love, love the formula and it addressed nearly all of my needs/concerns, especially the oil control, however the shade range sucked. There's only 16 to choose from. I chose shade 330 Toffee as the next shade. 355 Coconut. was too deep and too red for me. What I really need is a shade between those two, that still has a golden undertone. I'm going to keep wishing for that one, but in the meantime, I decided to start trying to mix my own.

Using the No7 Beautifully Matte Makeup Base as my mixing medium proved to be just what I needed for my CoverFX drops. And in order to get the oil control I need, I apply this concoction over skin on which I've also applied a thinner primer. I told y'all, this summer oil control business is real.

Grainy iPhone photo, but you get the idea...
The Covergirl Ready Set Gorgeous isn't a bad formula, it just isn't high on the list and because that shade is too dark for me, I use it to add a deeper warmth to my custom foundation mix, so that it isn't so yellow. The grainy pic above looks relatively good color wise, but it depends on the lighting. It usually looks kind of 'meh' when I leave the house, even a bit too chalky. but by the time it starts to settle onto my skin an hour or so later it looks pretty darn good and I don't have to blot until about 1:30. Sometimes I'll apply Urban Decay's De-Slick to speed up the "settling" process, but I think that seems to cause early oil breakthrough, even though that's the opposite of what it's designed to do.

Ultimately, I'm still working this out for myself, but hope I've given fellow oily girls some recommendations that you may find helpful, especially if you're not AS oily as me. But if you have any tips, tricks or foundation recommendations I'm all ears!

Have a great week!

22 July 2015

DD's Style File - Tulips & Florals

According to the fashion gawds, florals are in for spring and summer... So let's chat about one of my fav floral inspired shapes - the tulip cut.

Tulip cuts offer a sexy, covered alternative to more revealing tops. Where you only get a peek of skin if the wind blows just the right way. I honestly think that one part of the appeal is that the top itself mimics the shape of a swing tops and dresses. They just have a certain kind of sway to them.

I thought the cut and length of this top worked perfectly with these pants, which I don't get to wear nearly as often as I would like. And pairing complimentary solids with a busier print is a great way to highlight the print in a cohesive way.

Top: Marshall's (similarsimilar)
Pants: Forever 21 (similar)
Shoes: Kohl's (similar)
Clutch: The Limited (similar)
Earrings: Burlington Coat Factory (old)
Watch: ALDO (similar)

Like I mentioned in my previous post about paisley, I'm honestly not typically a floral girl, but the right print done the right way can really work. But neither is a print that I think you'd find much of in my closet.

If you know a brand that really executes floral prints well, I'd love to hear about it!