27 September 2011

Revlon Pedi Expert Review

Let me start off by saying that though I've had them, I'm personally not a fan of pedicures, so perhaps my review may be considered, by some, to be somewhat biased. With that being said, I think the the Revlon Pedi Expert has a salon pedicure beat!

It's similar to a Ped-Egg, which I was going to reluctantly break down and purchase, but then found this instead. I don't have terrible feet, but in the last couple of months, they've become a bit bad, so to speak. I have calluses from the pressure of walking in 3-4 inch heels almost daily and suddenly my heels became a bit rough and flaky. Although, I don't typically buy into those "as seen on TV" products, I was going to break down and buy a Ped-Egg because all of my salt scrubs, pumice stones and nights of Vaseline coated feet clad in socks weren't helping the cause. 

I picked up this little pink contraption at Walgreen's for about $10. You use the bladed side on dry feet to slough off the dead and hardened skin. Unfortunately, all of the shavings aren't captured very well in the lid portion, so I suggest that you lay down a piece of newspaper for easy cleanup. I would suggest to Revlon that they adjust this minor flaw in an otherwise great little product. So, up until this point, it performs pretty much like the Ped-Egg, but here's what sets them apart...the Revlon Pedi Expert has another attachment with a buffer that allows you to smooth away any remaining roughness. After a few mindless minutes spent sloughing and buffing while watching TV, I was introduced to what felt like brand new feet! I was seriously impressed!

To add a cherry on top, I then moisturized with Vaseline and tossed on a pair of socks - the next morning, the result was baby smooth feet. I love this thing so much I wish I had purchased two in case they stop making them!

So trust me divas, if you want to keep your soles in tiptop shape during the winter months and save some money (since the holidays are close) pick up a Revlon Pedi Expert on your next errand run.

*Note* This was not a paid endorsement and all of the opinions were solely my own.

26 September 2011

Fashionable Fall

Be fashion forward and simply chic this fall with a look inspired by Lala Vasquez-Anthony. Lala pulled her look together with leather leggings, an elbow length cape and suede over the knee boots paired with minimal accessories. The neutral camel tones kept the sexiness of the look at bay and upped the class factor.

Fashionable Fall

08 September 2011

DD's Style File - Red & Gray

The weather has been a bit crazy to say the least... It was nearly ninety degrees and humid for two days then suddenly dropped to a chilly sixty and cloudy. Needless to say, this is the induction to fall, which means it's time to rehaul my closet and start bringing in the cold weather essentials. 

The change in weather gave me the opportunity to rock some of my most recent purchases, that also happen to be items I got to cross off my "covet list".
Gray "sweatshirt" blazer - The Limited
White button up shirt - JCPenney
Red ankle pants - The Limited
Black woven belt - vintage
Black peep toe booties - Target
Black leather handbag - B. Makowsky
Necklace - Macy's
Earrings - The Limited
Sunglasses - Nine West
Band Aid on my wrist...courtesy of my doctor's office
I had been wanting a gray sweatshirt-like blazer for forever, as well as a pair of cropped red ankle pants, both of which I was able to find within the last month (hugs & love to The Limited for this).

07 September 2011

DD's Spotlight on Fabulous - ARISE Magazine

This post just screams fabulous, because it's all about online style magazine, ARISE.

Editor of ARISE, Helen Jennings, is obviously proud of Africa's first and foremost international style magazine, which touts African achievements and positive contributions in the worlds of fashion, music, culture and politics while providing a positive portrayal of the continent and highlighting its place in contemporary society. Jennings states that ARISE is "like no other global glossy."

Arlenis Sosa on the cover of Issue 13
 With articles and interviews on celebrities like Liya Kebede, Jay-Z, Alek Wek and Alicia Keys, it's obvious that ARISE stays abreast of what's hot. And their striking fashion spreads tell a story about what's relevant to the young and fresh. ARISE, which is a quarterly published magazine sold in over 20 countries, "targets a discerning, Afropolitan readership who share an interest in the cultural and social developments coming out of the continent. The magazine’s mix of fashion, music, sport, film, art and politics appeals to young, educated and affluent readers who demand to be the first to know about what’s hot and what’s important in Africa and around the world."

Being that variety is the spice of life, I believe that this magazine would fare extremely well in the States. Women, and men, of all backgrounds who are lovers of fashion and culture are often hungry for new inspiration and I believe that ARISE can definitely rise to meet that demand.

ARISE unveiled a fashion collective at 2009's New York Fashion Week and is scheduled to return this year to present their 2012 spring/summer showcase. Unfortunately subscriptions to ARISE are not yet available here in the U.S., so I haven't had the chance to peruse its glossy pages *sad panda*, but you can find them on Facebook and check out more here.

Model Ubah Hassan on the cover of Issue 8

06 September 2011

White After Labor Day - Do or Don't?

To wear white or not to wear white???

That is the question for many ladies after the Labor Day holiday alludes to the conclusion of the summer season, especially for those of us in the Midwest and Northeast. You can find a varied number of opinions across the world wide web, stating rules of strictly no white after Labor Day to no white from the waist down to just no white shoes.

I say "yes!" to white in fall and winter, as I happen to think that white always looks uber chic and classy, and the color can transition wonderfully into the cooler months. Try it in pieces like white jeans, white blazers, chunky white cable knit sweaters and who doesn't love a beautiful white wool coat?!

With just a few hard and fast rules to abide by, you too can rock white:

1. Fabric - Put away your lighter gauzy, flowy and linen fabrics and replace them with heavier, chunkier knits and just weightier materials in general. It keeps the look season appropriate.

2. Balance the bright - Look to warmer shades of gray, aubergine, taupe, brown and black to balance out the brightness of your whites. Or go monochromatic with a white winter coat, gloves and beret.

3. Color scale - Try out creamier "winter whites" and not just your starch bright whites. In cooler temps, put away your light washed denim and pair whites with denim that has a darker rinse for an overall richer, warmer look.

4. Pairing - When wearing whites in chillier months, pull your look together with weather appropriate pieces. Instead of peep toes with those fabulous white jeans, wear a killer pair of boots, a leather jacket and an infinity scarf. Swap out the tanks you use for layering and instead try a white button up shirt or turtleneck.

Eva Marcille

Zoe Saldana

Rachel Bilson

Over the spring/summer months I gushed about my love affair with the white blazer (here and here) and lucky me, I also recently scooped an awesome white blazer in the Macy's juniors department that's a heavier knit that I can wear in the cooler (ok, colder) months. I plan to pair it with dark skinny jeans tucked into boots and medium rinse boyfriend jeans and shoeties.

How about you?