30 July 2013

DD's Style File - Tangerine Dream

I'm a total dress girl. Always have been. Every so often my mom reminds of the years when I was in elementary school, that in the winters she had to keep me warm by putting pants on under my dresses because I was determined to wear a dress to school even if it was twenty degrees out!

And this dress right here, is my kinda dress. I happened to pick this up about four years ago at one of those "early bird" sales back when it was the old JCPenney and it quickly became one of my absolute favorite summer dresses every year.

It's a bold, bright hue with a summer pattern, the cut is very flattering plus it skims the figure just right.

One of the things that I especially like about this dress is that as my weight fluctuated up and down quite a bit over the last few years, the stretch in this lightweight jersey material allowed me to still fit into it!
...though I do clearly recall one year that the seam around the midsection was a tad too tight for my liking. 
Tangerine print dress - JCPenney
White handbag - Coach
Champagne sandal - Nine West
Necklace & cuff - The Limited
In previous years, I recall going the more traditional route and accessorizing with white sandals and pearls or silver jewelry. This year I wanted to mix things up a bit and give the dress a fresher, modern feel. I stuck with a white bag, but wore a matte champagne sandal, taupe cuff bracelet and neon yellow necklace with gold hoops.

It was one of those days where you feel like everything just worked! You know, the stars aligned and the hair was on point (because, yes, I still have bad hair days), the outfit came together and the makeup was perfect.

And so far, today's been a good day!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope your week is off to a great start too!

28 July 2013

Summer Getaway - Memories of NYC

I'm a little late in getting pictures up from my NYC trip, but better late than never, right? I had a fabulous time and felt a tingle of joy when someone referred to me as a "real New Yorker." I mean, hey, who doesn't want to be considered one of those contemporary, chic, city types?!

While in the city, I stayed at Night Hotel Times Square (formerly Stay). It was close to all the action and had an extremely trendy d├ęcor, well at least in the lobby. I mean the rooms were nice, but nothing like the lobby. They were dark and not makeup application friendly. Though I didn't do much makeup, I still have to do my brows.

I got an awesome deal on Groupon to this uber fab spa on 5th Avenue, YeloSpa, where I had a relaxing massage and facial and a thirty minute nap in what they called their "zero gravity" chair. You might be thinking, 'a nap'?? Who in the heck wants to take a nap in the middle of NYC?? Apparently lots of folks do. And they pay a dollar a minute to do it.

And let me tell you, it was the best daggone thirty minute nap EVER.

My best friend and I took in the Legends of the Summer concert at Yankees Stadium starring Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake, with surprise appearances from Timbaland and Alicia Keys (the performance of Empire State of Mind was truly epic and unforgettable!)

It was sooooo super hot while I was in NY, so I went without much makeup for pretty much the entire trip minus wearing bit of Becca Beach Tint on my cheeks to bring a little color to my face. Though for the concert I did do my eyes in neutral shades and added teal blue liner underneath (a first for me) and popped on some lashes. (bottom right photo)

I stayed pretty busy for my three nights in town. In addition to the concert I also took in a show. I checked out Cinderella on Broadway and it was really, really good. Like Cindy's story with some twists and sarcasm. The most captivating parts were the costume changes, it's something you'd really have to see!

I didn't get to do quite as much shopping as I had intended, but I made sure to pick up some really pretty pieces and nice additions to my wardrobe from Forever 21. Unfortunately, nothing at the Zara sale seemed to fit me, so I picked up a pair of joggers from the Basics line, some scarves to use for headwraps and a pair of pumps. Shoes and wraps never fail me. I missed a few boutiques I wanted to stop at and my beloved H&M, but I'll make up for that in the upcoming weeks. *sly smile*

I always love visiting New York, and this trip made the perfect summer getaway!

25 July 2013

DD's Style File - A Touch Tribal

I believe I've mentioned my love for harem and pajama-like pants at least once before. And that includes this chevron print style from Forever 21. This top is actually one of my closet staples, I've had it for many years and love that it's flexible and can be dressed up or down.

Cream sleeveless blouse - old
Chevron print pant - Forever 21
Black ankle cuff sandal - Jessica Simpson
Red leather mini tote - Foley + Corinna
Southwestern style necklace - Forever 21
I loved the little touches in this outfit, like the fringe on the bag and the tiny feathers on my necklace and how they made the pants look a bit special and not just like zig zags.

I'm trying to get more comfortable with carrying smaller bags and clutches on a more regular basis...it's still a challenge, but usually it works out most if I pick it for functionality - like shopping! Then I have my hands free and my large shoulder bag isn't draining on the energy I need to load up my arms and head to the dressing room!

I know that there aren't typically a lot of smiles in the pictures that get posted to this blog, but that is seriously not a representation of my character! I am silly, giggly and down right goofy in general! Frequently in editing, I just prefer the non-smiling photos. However, this bunch of photos had NO smilies...(though I hope don't look extra, extra grumpy....)

I had an explosion of a migraine trying to take me out and the bright expanse of sunshine was just not helping the situation at all! I was trying to hurry and snap photos before heading home because I knew with this headache, the day was pretty much over... That's also another reason why I'm often in sunglasses, as much as I love sunshine, bright sun can give me a headache too (sad, but true). Often you can even find me driving on those weird overcast days still with my sunnies on.

Anyway, I am feeling better and thank you all for stopping by to visit. I do hope you doves are having a fabulous week!

23 July 2013

DD's Style File - Daytime Boho

Hey ladies! I'm back from my New York vacation and it was fabulously fun! I'll be posting some random recap photos later in the week (or you can check out my collages on Instagram now)

I'm catching up on work and getting back into the daily grind, so I have a quick post today.
What I wore to work today was a bit bohemian-ish. Somehow though, I think I still managed to make it work for the office.

Cream metallic tee - Marshall's
Olive maxi dress - Body Central
Cage wedge - Gunmetal
Raffia clutch - Apt. 9
Cognac belt - old
Woven cuff bracelet - The Limited
Wooden bead necklace - old
These shoes are definitely one of my favorite pair in my collection, but I don't get the opportunity to wear them half as much as I'd like to. But when I do, I think they are the perfect piece to pull a look together and give it some extra "pow pow pow!" (here is an all time favorite!)

The skirt I'm wearing is actually a maxi dress, my goal was for the belt to provide some waist definition and give it a little high waisted feel. Olive is a hue that works in summer and fall, and I've rocked this maxi dress/skirt in the colder months too with colored tights and platform sandals. Sounds strange, right? It was cute, I promise! I'll have to remember to recreate and post that look when it gets cooler.

I've actually never worn this maxi dress as a dress, I've always covered it up with another piece, it just doesn't seem as flattering the "normal" way. But perhaps I'll try it again before the summer ends....*sigh* I mean around here, summer is like halfway over.

I wonder if we could get as lucky as we did a couple years ago and get another snowless winter. That would be fantastic.

Well, I'm off - I hope you beauties have a terrific Tuesday!

18 July 2013

DD's Style File - MAXImum Style (Airport Edition)

Traveling calls for comfortable clothing. Which for me, means something that's not restrictive, doesn't wrinkle easily....and is cute. Therefore, my go to travel uniform typically consists of some kind of maxi skirt.

On recent quick stop to Target, I grabbed this skirt in two colors, but I put one back. At the time I convinced myself that I wasn't there to shop for clothing (I needed boring household goods), therefore I could only permit myself one small purchase. So I chose the black one, considering it the investment that I would get the most wear out of. Since it was only $25 I use the term "investment" loosely...

And though I don't regret getting the black one (I love how it came together for this outfit), I'm totally bummed that I didn't talk myself into spending the $50 to get both colors (even though my wallet is still proud of me). The skirt fit well, was breathable and silky soft. Unfortunately, now I can only imagine the combinations I could've created with the coral since it's out of stock at my local store and online.
*insert droopy bottom lip here*
Multi color headwrap - Target
White ribbed tank - Express
Black maxi skirt - Target
Black rosette sandal - NY & Co.
Oversized oval hoop earrings -
Stately Steel for HSN
Double strand necklace - Express
Belt bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Black midi rings - Forever 21
Onyx & diamond eternity band - Silpada

I will say the fabric on this skirt is rather thin, not cheap feeling per se, but in the right light it's more sheer than I prefer because there is no lining. In my opinion, without a lining Target should have priced it at $19.99... However, I resolved that minor dilemma by wearing a half slip.
And while I'm on the subject, sometimes people make me think I sound like an old lady when I say that I wear a slip! It's like people totally think you have to be a member of the "Grandma's Club" to wear one! But I have a small collection from full slips to half slips and couldn't be without them. To me, they are a normal part of a ladies boudoir. Especially with today's fast fashion being made from such thin materials. And since I began my professional career in my early 20's, I find them essential and necessary in an office environment.
And let me tell you, I regularly reach for my "strapless mini slip," otherwise known as the knee length half slip I'm wearing under this skirt. In order to give more coverage to those two ply fabric Forever 21 dresses, I pull that half slip up over my bosom and voila! Modesty saved!

My assistant decided he needed a break...

Well, divas, I'm off to the Big Apple! I hope I get the chance to capture some vacation images while I'm away!

Have a great weekend!

16 July 2013

DD's Style File - Not So Mellow Yellow

This skirt was actually on its way out the door. I'd worn it about twice (though this time is the only one I distinctly remember), and have just been on the fence about how flattering it was or was not.

Then I paired it with this top on a whim, and suddenly it had reclaimed its space in my closet.

Yellow peplum top - JCPenney
B&W striped skirt - The Limited
Patent bow mule - Kohl's
Green clutch - mark for Avon
B&W pearl necklace - old
And I need to take a moment and just proclaim how much I love these shoes! These are one of those items that have been on my "Diva's Desires" list for a very long time. I wanted a cute mule (does anyone else even still call them mules??) because they reminded me of the pin up girls in the 40's and 50's.

And lo and behold what do I run into at Kohl's - patent, with a bow and in two different colors, no less. So yes, I bought both. *smile*

Paired with this peplum top I felt the look was sweet, flirty and feminine, but with a "heeeeyyy noooowww" kind of vibe.
I think they would add a dash of sweet sass to a more casual look as well.

11 July 2013

DD's Style File - I've Got a "Crush" on Prabal Gurung for Target

In addition to this top, I also purchased the Nolita print dress (which I haven't yet worn) and pumps along with some other pieces that I returned. Although they looked so divine and appealing, I had to pass on the other Floral Crush pieces because I was too leery of sizing or too turned off by pricing.

However, because the pieces I got screamed spring/summer, I put them away until the weather was more agreeable. I mean, there's nothing like wearing a brightly splashed white floral shirt when it's 35 degrees and threatening to flurry in late April, right? So now I finally got the chance to pull them out for some fun in the sun.

I have to say this tee is hands down, no question one of my fav purchases thus far. You all may not be surprised to know that I wish I would've purchased two. And I'm not ashamed to say, yes, indeed, I'm on the hunt for another Floral Crush tee (size medium if you have one you're willing to part ways with!), preferably not one of those marked up ones being hawked on eBay.

Flower crush tee - Prabal Gurung x Target
Teal pencil skirt - The Limited
Cognac sandal - JCPenney
Coral bag - Nila Anthony

Besides it being just the prettiest little thing, I also got a lot of compliments from random strangers and the quality of the shirt is a really good weight and it just fits good, y'know?

Since there was a bit of a color explosion going on from the waist up, I kept the accessories simple with gold hoops and a neutral toned shoe. The bag was a coincidental compliment to the color scheme. I might as well just be frank and admit to y'all, although my second love is handbags (with shoes being first), which I have a nice collection of and I'm always looking to add to....I'm honestly kind of a lazy handbag girl. I get a staple bag with all my crap in it and somehow I seem to make it work practically every day. I do switch up depending upon my mood or destination, but sometimes the time is takes to switch things out is just the last thing on my list - so it tends to get bumped.

You may have also noticed my continuous, but gradual change in hair color over the last few weeks. And here I am blonde as can be, or at least intend to be, and I have to say I'm happy. Finally!

I tend to be a risk taker when it comes to my tresses. I cut and color my own crown, with bi-weekly visits to the barber for edging maintenance. With that being said, I will admit that I got to this point by playing Russian roulette a few times with the hair dye and went to bed wondering if I would wake a up bald the next day.

So far, so good.

This color is a little more care than I've been used to as of late, but I think I'll stay here a while.

That's all for today, beauties. Maybe we'll chat natural hair stuff another day. I'm jetting off to New York City in a week and I can't wait! My bestie, the food, the shopping, and the Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake concert! I'm forecasting an awesome getaway!

But in the meantime, I've got some packing to do....I hate packing.

I plan to post some pics while enjoying my vacay so head on over and follow me on Instagram.

Have a beautiful weekend!

09 July 2013

Wrapping It Up

Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself. And I've accepted long ago that my head and face just aren't made for hats. I thought perhaps I could take after my mom, who can practically make a pirate hat look good on a Sunday pew, but hats are just not flattering on me. No matter the shape.

At. All.

Ok, maybe a baseball cap, but I don't quite count that.

But I've found that headwraps are kinda my thing...

I adore the head wraps that model/actress Eva Marcille wears, but have yet to be able to figure them out. I wish she would do a tutorial, because I'm all about her chic, boho style.

I wear wraps pretty frequently (like just last week), like hats, they are perfect for lazy or bad hair days. Or just a different way to accessorize your look. I've even made a basic bun style wrap work at my corporate office (try at your own risk!).

J. Lo even worked a wrap style on the red carpet and looked all parts of fabulous...

Heck, even Barbie is Team Headwrap! (werk, diva!)

Personally, I've always loved scarves as accessories, but I find that if wearing it creates too much fabric at my neck, that it can usually turn it into a fabulous head wrap. But I've also turned short and long sleeved T-shirts into wraps as well. Only problem I've run into lately is storing them all!

I've spent many a relaxing afternoon watching YouTube tutorials on wrapping techniques. Unfortunately, I often find a lot of the tutorials are done by ladies who have longer tresses than I, so they are able to achieve more voluminous shapes. Though I do occasionally add a little extra something if I'm seeking more volume.

To create my wraps I ultimately just end up in the mirror wrapping, twisting, tying, tucking, then undoing it all and starting over until I end up with a shape that I'm happy with. Who knows...perhaps there's a video tutorial in my future??!

Scarves from the following retailers:
1. Charming Charlie's  2. Target  3. Target  4. The Limited

Happy Tuesday ladies!

04 July 2013

DD's Style File - Bohemian WRAPsody {It's a Link Up!}

Ok, so I'm not diggin' the whole red, white and blue situation for this 4th of July. I decided on more of a relaxed chic look, with a black base and splashes of gold, red and leopard print. Hey now!

This also happens to be my very first Style Me Friday Link Up! So I'm rather excited about that. This week's theme was maxi dresses, so incidentally today's look was perfect for it. I hadn't even actually planned to post a style look today, go figure!

Open back maxi - ShoeDazzle
During the summer months, I spend a lot of time in maxi dresses. My other dresses have a more flowy, bohemian feel to them, so this dress was a nice change up from that. I purchased this one on a whim from the "old" ShoeDazzle.com. Even though it's black it's great for super humid days because of the open back, which gives it a modern, spicy feel.

Red leather handbag - Foley + Corinna
Black & gold bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Open link bracelet - JCPenney
Black & gold statement ring - Charlotte Russe
Bold link necklace - JCPenney
Teardrop earring - Express
Leopard headwrap - Express

Maxi dresses definitely make summer dressing super easy. Like for me today - grabbed a dress, twisted up a headwrap and tossed on a few pieces of jewelry (or not, depending on the mood) and I'm good to go.

I'm sure I could add a high heeled wedge to this and sass it up for a night out, but I usually find myself reaching for this dress for easy daytime dressing...but we'll see! *wink*


I really enjoyed participating in Style Me Friday this week and will try to make a point to join in on upcoming weeks. I think that would be a great way to get another Style File post in for the week, seeing that the hard work is kinda done -  Eboni's already given me the foundation idea for an outfit!
Thanks for visiting and stayed tuned for more.
Be sure to visit the Fashionista Next Door to find out more or join in the Style Me Friday Link Up!


I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July! I'm off in search of some barbecue and a candy apple!

02 July 2013

DD's Style File - Dreamy Georgette

I must really be feeling it for this color combination. It's not exactly the same as the first, but similar, this time being a tad more yellow than green. But I am still just as pleased with the outcome. This time though, I decided to go with a clutch and shoe in nude as to not to compete with everything else that was going on. This more or less allowed the outfit to take center stage.

It was hot as ever today, but windy, and this made for the perfect outfit. It was lightweight and it fluttered when the wind blew - making me feel a little....sassy. There's something about lightweight chiffon and georgette fabrics that really make a girl feel like a girl!

I was considering a maxi skirt in this material, but I think I want something a bit more boho, like a pair of wide leg pants.

Neon yellow blouse - TJMaxx
Pink pleated skirt - Express
Nude sandal - Simply Vera for Kohl's
Light brown clutch - Vintage
Silver necklace & earrings - The Limited

I'm sure everyone is gearing up for the holiday, barbecues, maybe a day at the beach or the amusement park? Whatever you do I hope you all have a fabulous and safe holiday!