09 July 2013

Wrapping It Up

Sometimes you just have to be honest with yourself. And I've accepted long ago that my head and face just aren't made for hats. I thought perhaps I could take after my mom, who can practically make a pirate hat look good on a Sunday pew, but hats are just not flattering on me. No matter the shape.

At. All.

Ok, maybe a baseball cap, but I don't quite count that.

But I've found that headwraps are kinda my thing...

I adore the head wraps that model/actress Eva Marcille wears, but have yet to be able to figure them out. I wish she would do a tutorial, because I'm all about her chic, boho style.

I wear wraps pretty frequently (like just last week), like hats, they are perfect for lazy or bad hair days. Or just a different way to accessorize your look. I've even made a basic bun style wrap work at my corporate office (try at your own risk!).

J. Lo even worked a wrap style on the red carpet and looked all parts of fabulous...

Heck, even Barbie is Team Headwrap! (werk, diva!)

Personally, I've always loved scarves as accessories, but I find that if wearing it creates too much fabric at my neck, that it can usually turn it into a fabulous head wrap. But I've also turned short and long sleeved T-shirts into wraps as well. Only problem I've run into lately is storing them all!

I've spent many a relaxing afternoon watching YouTube tutorials on wrapping techniques. Unfortunately, I often find a lot of the tutorials are done by ladies who have longer tresses than I, so they are able to achieve more voluminous shapes. Though I do occasionally add a little extra something if I'm seeking more volume.

To create my wraps I ultimately just end up in the mirror wrapping, twisting, tying, tucking, then undoing it all and starting over until I end up with a shape that I'm happy with. Who knows...perhaps there's a video tutorial in my future??!

Scarves from the following retailers:
1. Charming Charlie's  2. Target  3. Target  4. The Limited

Happy Tuesday ladies!

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