16 July 2013

DD's Style File - Not So Mellow Yellow

This skirt was actually on its way out the door. I'd worn it about twice (though this time is the only one I distinctly remember), and have just been on the fence about how flattering it was or was not.

Then I paired it with this top on a whim, and suddenly it had reclaimed its space in my closet.

Yellow peplum top - JCPenney
B&W striped skirt - The Limited
Patent bow mule - Kohl's
Green clutch - mark for Avon
B&W pearl necklace - old
And I need to take a moment and just proclaim how much I love these shoes! These are one of those items that have been on my "Diva's Desires" list for a very long time. I wanted a cute mule (does anyone else even still call them mules??) because they reminded me of the pin up girls in the 40's and 50's.

And lo and behold what do I run into at Kohl's - patent, with a bow and in two different colors, no less. So yes, I bought both. *smile*

Paired with this peplum top I felt the look was sweet, flirty and feminine, but with a "heeeeyyy noooowww" kind of vibe.
I think they would add a dash of sweet sass to a more casual look as well.

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