29 May 2015

Why You Over There Lookin' At Me?!

People often don't realize the power of words. But I take it to heart and I don't just mean the negative impact that the wrong words can have. I think most of us recognize that.

I'm the kind of girl that if I find myself admiring your haircut, outfit, handbag, face or just something about your general person...I'm going to tell you! With a smile, of course. I think it's important, because you never know how a couple little words and a smile could be an unexpected surprise in someone else's day.

A few mornings ago I was in Starbucks grabbing an Everything with Cheese Bagel (yummmm) and I noticed this effortlessly chic woman in line. As I left, I took a couple moments to tell her as much and wish her a good day. In return she was warm and receptive, and extremely polite.

I do wish I had been brave enough to ask to take a personal style picture of her, but I was too nervous to do that (maybe if I'd caught her on the sidewalk).

Just the same, I was inspired to recreate her chic look...everything about it was amazingly simple - clear oversized aviators, cargo jumpsuit cuffed at ankles and elbows, and a pair of nude mules with a chunky heel. I believe her jewelry was equally simplistic, like a pair of large, slim hoops in her ears.
It all just worked!

Effortless Chic
ASOS black jump suit
 Relic faux handbag
Seychelles Peep-Toe Mule from Texas by Root — Shoptiques
vintage 1980's NOS eyeglasses oversized by RecycleBuyVintage

I'm curious how you ladies feel about complimenting strangers, are you more likely to admire from afar or drop a few kind words in the direction of another? (There are no wrong answers!)

27 May 2015

DD's Style File - Bigs & Littles

I'm a big fan of print mixing, but sometimes things can come off a bit too bold or unexpected for more conservative workplaces. A great way to make a style statement in a more subdued way is by sticking within the same color family and same print, just varying the size.

Working with white dots on a black background is a striking contrast anyway, and since I have a small frame, especially my upper body, I went for a smaller print up top, transitioning to a similar yet larger print on the bottom. Creating a nice variation.

Top: Express
Skirt: The Limited (similar)
Shoes: Guess via eBay (similar)
Bag: Express (similar)
Necklace & Earrings: Old

As my saying goes, "I believe pearls are just chubby polka dots," so it was natural to keep things simple with an extra long pearl necklace with a classic knot and pearl studs. The print and colors of the top and skirt could totally stand alone as a statement, worn instead with black pumps and a black bag. But I felt like being a little extra and chose to add pops of color instead.

And if dots aren't your thing, no worries, this doesn't only have to work with such a standard print or color palette, here's a few other examples found on Pinterest:

1, 2. 3, 4

Mix & Match Fashion

22 May 2015

Look, Mom, I'm on TV! - My Today Show Experience

This week I had the immense pleasure of modeling on the Today Show in a fashion segment!

It was an awesome and unforgettable experience, to which I owe a humongous THANK YOU to blogger/author/designer and all around style diva extraordinaire - Shauna Miller of Penny Chic!

Well how in the world did that happen, you ask?!?

Shauna found me through my blog post that I'd done on one of her LBD dress designs and asked lil' ol' me to be one of her models. And of course, I said 'yes,' without the slightest bit of hesitation.

NYC Rockefeller Plaza here I come!

There were flights, car services, professional makeup applications, Kathie Lee sightings, frazzled nerves, lots of stairs, jewelry, shoes, and dresses (oh my!), little sleep, oodles of compliments, lightening bolts of excitement, lots of hugs, behind the scenes chaos, sore feet, tons of texts and a lunch with my bestie all smashed into a literal 24 hour period! I was gone and then I was home, almost like I was never there...

But luckily, there's VIDEO to remind me that I was!

Click image to view video

I also have to say a big THANK YOU to all of my family, friends and coworkers who have been encouraging supporters of my endeavors! *group hug*

20 May 2015

DD's Style File - I'm a Total Betty!

No, I'm not talking about Betty Rubble....even though with these humongous pearls around my neck I am channeling a bit of Wilma Flinstone! But hey, maybe she was a prehistoric "Betty!"

And by "Betty" I'm mean channeling a vintage era pin-up hottie!

I'm sure I've mentioned my love for peplum before, it's a trend that arrived on the scene in the 40's and continues to be timeless and flattering on all shapes of women. Among all the peplum pieces I've collected, this is the only peplum dress I have. And it's one of my wardrobe favorites, a piece I'll continue to wear as long as I can fit my body into it!

If they had made this dress in more colors, I have no shame in saying that I would have bought. them. all.

Don't judge me.

This dress simultaneously slims, creates curves, and conceals the parts of me I'm less fond of. And is the quintessential LBD, being able to transition from church (which is where I was heading), to cocktails with the girls, to after six event, to date night with the darling, and the list goes on. What more could you ask for?

And as proof that I'm not lying, I'm also wearing it here at my birthday dinner.

Dress: The Limited (similar)
Heels: Steve Madden (similar)
Clutch: Macy's (similar)
Necklace: H&M (similar)
If you somehow have managed to know try peplum yet, I encourage you to give it a try! You don't have to dive in the deep in first, start of with a top with a peplum waist paired with a slim fitting skirt or trouser, you just might be surprised!

Speaking of fashionable eras...my favorite show, Mad Men, just aired its series finale this past Sunday. Is anybody else as sad about it as I am?? Oh, how I'll miss the dashing (sober) Don Draper!

06 May 2015

DD's Style File - The Classic Trench

I have been wanting a great classic type of trench coat for some time. It had to be a modern shape, in the khaki or khaki-like neutral, and it also needed to be budget friendly. So I waited. Adding it to my wish list of Diva's Desires that I carry around in my phone, just waiting for it.

In the meantime, I saw beautiful jackets like these dancing across my screen and Pinterest feed...

credit: 1, 2, 3
But I continued to wait one out that would work for both my frame and my pocketbook.

And then it happened, draped on a mannequin as I stepped into the store, not found at a trend setting boutique or a powerhouse higher end retailer, but in a good ol' standby favorite.

Top: Express
Pants: The Limited
Pumps: Macy's
Trench: Forever 21
Scarf: H&M (similar)
Modern shape: Check!
Neutral color: Check!
Budget conscious: Check!
Crossed off the wish list: Double Check!!

Aaaaannnnnd unfortunately here in the northeast the weather isn't so sure if it wants to be spring or full on summer, so I had to pull it back out of the closet. As much as I adore it - I'm totally ready to put it back until October!

Hoping the weather is better where you are (because it probably is)!