29 May 2015

Why You Over There Lookin' At Me?!

People often don't realize the power of words. But I take it to heart and I don't just mean the negative impact that the wrong words can have. I think most of us recognize that.

I'm the kind of girl that if I find myself admiring your haircut, outfit, handbag, face or just something about your general person...I'm going to tell you! With a smile, of course. I think it's important, because you never know how a couple little words and a smile could be an unexpected surprise in someone else's day.

A few mornings ago I was in Starbucks grabbing an Everything with Cheese Bagel (yummmm) and I noticed this effortlessly chic woman in line. As I left, I took a couple moments to tell her as much and wish her a good day. In return she was warm and receptive, and extremely polite.

I do wish I had been brave enough to ask to take a personal style picture of her, but I was too nervous to do that (maybe if I'd caught her on the sidewalk).

Just the same, I was inspired to recreate her chic look...everything about it was amazingly simple - clear oversized aviators, cargo jumpsuit cuffed at ankles and elbows, and a pair of nude mules with a chunky heel. I believe her jewelry was equally simplistic, like a pair of large, slim hoops in her ears.
It all just worked!

Effortless Chic
ASOS black jump suit
 Relic faux handbag
Seychelles Peep-Toe Mule from Texas by Root — Shoptiques
vintage 1980's NOS eyeglasses oversized by RecycleBuyVintage

I'm curious how you ladies feel about complimenting strangers, are you more likely to admire from afar or drop a few kind words in the direction of another? (There are no wrong answers!)

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