30 March 2012

Beverly Johnson Heads to Reality TV

The first black model to be highlighted on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1974, the fabulous Beverly Johnson, is heading to reality TV. With over 500 magazine covers, an acting career, a book and a successful beauty company, the 59-year-old model has partnered with Oprah and will premiere "Beverly's Full House" on the OWN network on March 31st.

So this is in honor of the still striking diva.
Get 'em, Beverly!

Inspired by Beverly Johnson '74

Instead of matching Bev's look item for item, I stuck with the premise but decided to take a modern twist on her black and white oxfords.  As a side note, that easy breezy striped shirtdress is currently on sale at Brooks Brothers for $64.75.

28 March 2012

HIPP x RGB's Follow Up Collection

Last summer RGB collaborated with Jenna Hipp and introduced the Hipp x RGB nail foundations, nude shades formulated to compliment varying skin tones and to work as a base evener under other polishes.

They have now introduced a follow up collection, consisting of Nail Tints, with all the shades following the same shade premise as the foundation colors.

image credit

The concept behind the tints is like using a tinted moisturizers for your face. This unique approach to nail color was intended to develop hues that match and compliment a variety of skin tones for a flawless, even, sheer finish.

image credit

Nail Tints can be applied with two coats for that hint of color or worn over over the Nail Foundation for healthy, natural, and completely customizable nude.

And if sheer, natural toned nails aren't really your thing and you want a bit more of a pop, College Fashion has the scoop on the Kardashian Nicole by OPI follow up collection which is all about - who else - Kim!

26 March 2012

DD's Style File - Dusty Hues

For some reason or another, the sandy colors from today's style files look reminds me of the tranquil hues of Santa Fe, New Mexico. An easy mix of blue, tan, silver and turquoise...

The necklace is definitely another one of the loves in my collection.
Chambray button up - JCPenney
Tan "paperbag" waist skirt - Zara
Nude knotted peep toe pumps - Franco Sarto
Silver wave bracelet, earrings & chunky
turquiose necklace - The Limited
Silver rings - HSN
Nude fishnet tights - The Hue
Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe

I happened upon the image of this painting some days ago, perhaps the color palette stuck with me?..

photo credit

23 March 2012

Get to Know Neon

I am definitely an eighties baby, but just have an eensy weensy amount of hesitancy about pulling off neon. It seriously makes me think of being eleven with a wrist full of those rubbery bangle bracelets. Loved it then, just not too sure about it some twenty years later.

But it's slowly growing on me and I think it can be fun yet grownup too.

If you're a bit like me and not sure if the neon trend, which is SO hot for spring 2012 is for you. Here are my suggestions on how you can work this look into your wardrobe without detracting from who your are. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so whether you'd like a little or a lot, here are a few options that you can make your own:

First we have an option for those of you who think this trend is sweet and like lots of it. I think this is a totally wearable look for bright, sunny Saturday's when you're out enjoying the weather.
Neon - The Sugar Bowl

Next is for those of use who are warming up to the idea, but not ready to dive in head first. It's about taking your standard palette and choosing a neon as an extra pop of color instead of maybe black or white.

Neon - A Teaspoon of Sugar

And if you're one of those just "a pinch of sugar" kinda girls, you can still rock neon too. Keep your doses small, utilizing accessory space like wrists, waists and necklines.
Neon - Just a Pinch

Whatever your preference, there's a way for you to be on trend and keep neon within your personal style. I plan to give it a try, how 'bout you?

21 March 2012

DD's Style File - Channeling the 70's

I do have a certain affinity for some of the fashion of the seventies, which was pretty much my inspiration for this look. Since I've loved the midi length, and often sought out dresses and skirts of this type waaay before they hit the runway, naturally I thought a perfect pairing would be a slouch boot. And so a two month long search ensued...and then I found these lovelies on Kohls.com. But they were sold out in my size...

I'll save you the long drawn out story, but let's just say, after an hour long chat with a Kohl's customer service rep (who provided me some of the best service EVER and I'm not even a cardholder), I ended up driving to another state to buy them. Dramatic, I know, but occassionally I tend to go great lengths for my personal style. Besides, there were only three size 6.5's left in the entire country and one of them just happened to be close enough to me. Plus, they were on sale. 

Cream v-neck sweater - The Gap
Goldenrod midi skirt - Forever 21
Taupe slouch boot - Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's
Aubergine tights - JCPenney
Cognac belt - unknown
Gold/cognac multichain necklace - The Limited
Burnished gold/brown bracelet - JCPenney
Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe

 Needless to say, given the effort involved, I'm rather fond of this look... I do love those boots. *smile*

20 March 2012

DD's Style File - Crazy for Coral

This is a weekend look I wore to Sunday brunch. I'm crazy about the deep coral of the pants and styled them in more of a tonal look. I'm all hugs and giggles about that bag - I just scored it at a sale and couldn't wait to pull it out, the color is perfect for spring and the size totally works for my every day bag.

Striped top - Papaya
Pale pink tank - NY&Co.
Bright coral ankle pant - Macy's
Multi color peep toes - Nine West
Pale coral bag - Coach
Yellow woven belt - The Limited
Rose colored sunglasses - Charlotte Russe
Silver twisted hoops - NY&Co.
Every time I wear them those pumps get a lot of love from the ladies! I got them at a Macy's sale last year, they're uber comfy. I even wore them while shopping once. I recently grabbed a pair in a deeper color print too, which I hope to wear soon. I think I'll get a pair in black next...

Nine West Danee Multi Coral

19 March 2012

A Case of the Mondays...

Monday. Not my most favorite day of the week. And when they go badly it makes me want to retreat back to the snuggly cocoon of my down comforter.

So imagine my frustration when I slept through my snooze alarm and had to hustle to get myself together. Only to get hung up yet again when I could not find my heels. A pair of basic black, snake embossed peep toes, that are actually super comfy. They were nowhere to be found.
So, I grabbed a lower pump instead.

Jessica Simpson Kendale

Since I was running late, I got caught behind a school bus that I normally would have missed. I took this delay as an opportunity to put on my jewelry. My bracelet conveniently breaks, sending a small shower of pearly beads into my lap and under my seat.

I finally make it to the office, I try to walk/run, open my umbrella and avoid incoming traffic. Then...my heel quickly dipped into a jagged crack in the parking lot pavement (we know how I love that):
Ginormous gash...
I practically had to perform surgery with a black Sharpie and Crazy Glue in order to walk around reasonably inconspicuous for the rest of the day...

Styled by June

I createdd this look in honor of the beautiful and talented fashion forward stylist to the stars June Ambrose, who's new reality show, Styled by June is airing on VH1. This look is all about colorblocking, brought together with just a few easy pieces and a basic platform pump, it's totally perfect for spring.
Inspired by June Ambrose

16 March 2012

50% off at Heels.com with Groupon!

It's spring time, ladies! And who doesn't need new shoes for spring and those sultry summer months? Well, haven't I got a deal for you - Groupon has partnered with Heels.com and for the next three days you can grab a Heels.com voucher for 50% of the price.

 You have two options to choose from:

$50 for a $100 Groupon
$25 for a $50 Groupon

Choose from styles by a wide range of designers from BCBG and Boutique 9 to Jessica Simpson and Rock and Republic. And as always, Heels.com offers free second day shipping and free returns!

Steve Madden
Ivanka Trump
Mark and James
Lots and lots of options. And in case you'd rather wait a season or two to get your new shoes, your Groupon is good until February 6, 2013. So you've got plenty of time. Click HERE to get your Heels.com Groupon now!

Happy Shopping!!

DD's Style File - Rust & Cream

I've carried a "diva desire" for a specific category of accessory from season to season for the past couple of years - capes and wraps. I've always had an adoration for this ladylike look and felt that they would make great foundation items and wardrobe staples for seasons to come. The problem was that it was challenging to find any made in materials and shapes that I liked, that were also budget friendly. And when you live in small-city-nowhere Pennsylvania, it can be even more difficult to track down original looking items to define your personal style. However, when an item becomes "trendy" (as most things do eventually, at least once), then that particular style of item becomes way more accessible.

Cream ruffle knit wrap - eBay
Cognac leather clutch - Liz Claiborne
So, not only was I able to cross something off my list, but this wrap is a fall season purchase that I really love. I know cream can be a dangerous color to keep clean, especially as outerwear, but that color along with its soft, drapey knit just kept calling to me. And I'm happy I bought it, one can't help but feel immensely chic when you toss it about your shoulders. 

When it came to the outfit, it was all about the shoe. Rust isn't a color that I have a much of in my wardrobe, so I definitely thought these suede pumps with a dark wood platform vamp were an awesome buy because they weren't like anything else I already owned.  So, this outfit all came together based around a fabulous pump.

Rust open drape vest - Forever 21
Cowlneck LS tee - NY&Co
Beige pencil skirt - The Limited
Suede rust pump - Kohls
Brown diamond tights - JCPenney
Brown woven belt - unknown
Rust/gold/leopard dot necklace - eBay
Gold earrings - The Limited
Sunglasses - Charlotte Russe

14 March 2012

Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadow Review

A little after Christmas I purchased a gift for myself, I felt I was deserving since I had purchased all those gifts for other folks, but I decided on something small. So I purchased the Bare Escentuals Prime Time Primer Shadow Collection in Strike It Rich.

I received a set of five mini primer shadows for $18. As I've mentioned before, I'm an oily girl - that includes the eyelids - and BE's loose shadows seemed to disappear or melt away half way through my day. So, I decided to give their version of cream shadow a try.

I will say when I opened the box I was really disappointed by how mini, the mini really was. I considered this to be an initial drawback. The five shades were:

Gunmetal (midnight silver)
Gold Nugget (radiant gold)
Bronzed Twig (iced chocolate)
Sundance (sunlit peach)
Sandalwood (golden taupe)

Click here for more swatches
I soon found out that the size of the tube wasn't as big of an issue as I initially assumed, because it only takes an extremely small amount on my pinky to color my lid up to the crease. The texture was extremely soft and light. Once applied, the colors are true and vibrant, and have more of a shimmer rather than a sparkle. I was pleasantly pleased to find that the color really did last all day and no fade or slow melt away.

The second drawback I found is that if a bit of shadow remains too close to the tube opening, it dries into a little crumble, so that's a bit of wasted shadow. Still, no biggie. 

I typically use the primer shadows alone on the lid with a loose or pressed shadow in the crease. I've personally found the Sundance and Sandalwood to be my favorites, I can throw one of those on with some liner and mascara and be out the door. When I use two different primer shadows for the lid and the crease, I just have to work quickly to blend really well before they "set," but I did like the end result. I don't look so hot with any dark shadows on my lower lid, so Bronzed Twig works awesome for me in the crease. I'm not so sure how I feel about Gold Nugget yet, may be a bit too gold for me, at least in the day. I plan to try the Gunmetal as a crease shade paired with a purple-ish lid, so we'll see how that goes.

One last thing, though I'm all about a makeup brush, these shadows definitely work better when applied with a clean finger (which is more than I can say about my tarte Precious Gems Cream Shadow Collection....that review to come later).

Overall, for me the pros outweigh the cons, so I have to appluad BE (once again) for a quality product, because I am very pleased and plan to buy more!

12 March 2012

DD's Style File - Sitting Pretty in the Pew

I went to church yesterday, which for me, is pretty much equivalent to dressing for work. However, I do still tend to take some fashion leniency's that I wouldn't take at the office. In this case, it was oversized earrings. In my off hours I usually wear larger earrings, because I like the juxtaposition against my short hair.

When I look at this outfit, I feel like I grabbed all of my favorite pieces out the closet and threw them on...which is amusing to me for some reason *smile*. This was also one of of those looks were I felt one more accessory would've been too much, so I left out the necklace.

Red "sweatshirt" blazer - The Limited
Leopard ruffle blouse - Express
High waisted black pencil skirt - Forever 21
Peep toe booties - Target
Sheer tights - Express
Black woven belt - vintage
Bold gold bracelet - JCPenney
Oversized triangular earrings - Marshall's

Last year was like the "year of blazers" for me, I bought one nearly every opportunity I could. I have this blazer in red and gray and love them both. Super comfortable, great fit and great investments because I plan to use them for a long time.

09 March 2012

I'm Obsessed - The Shoe Clip

Think fab clip on jewelry for your shoes - shoe clips are another way for us accessory obsessed and budget minded chicks to get more bang for our buck.  I, for one, am always looking for interesting little ways to further define my personal style and I think shoe clips would be a step in the right direction.
I used white and black polka dot bows in satin fabric to add a bit of whimsy to a pair of basic Alfani platform pumps. Très chic when paired with a red pencil skirt or black fit and flare dress without a lot of effort. Of course I think the real fun begins when you don't exactly match your clip to your shoe, but combine complimentary or contrasting shades instead.

If whimsey's not quite your thing - not a problem. Discover options for the classic sophisticate or your urban edge. Clips are offered by a variety of retailers from those on Etsy to brands like Steve Madden and Absolutely Audrey. You can find everything from fluffy flowers, rhinestones studs and brooches to multi metal chains:

image courtesy of finkshop on Esty
image courtesy of ShoeClipsOnly on Etsy
And don't think that you have to relegate your clips to the front of your shoe, get creative and scoot them to the side or clip them to the back of the heel for a look that's custom and totally you!

image courtesy of SewMuchStyle on Etsy
image courtesy of Chuletindesigns on Etsy

Most clips typically retail from $10 to $20 per pair, though there are definitely more expensive ones available. I also noticed that they are often marketed to soon to be brides, however I'd personally rather not wait for a particularly special occasion to enjoy these lovelies and plan to begin stockpiling them ASAP. I think they'd make me happy each time I glanced at my feet...

07 March 2012

DD's Style File - Feels Like Fall

Today felt kind of "fallish." Cold in the morning, not quite warm later in the afternoon, but not freezing. It was windy, so I had to keep a hold of my skirt though.

I conjured up an autumnal toned outfit, that still satisfied my mood for color. I got this skirt last year and it hasn't been a favorite, but it worked for this look. I like the color and shape of the skirt, but sort of wish that it was a tad longer.

Mustard knit top - Forever 21
Camel pleat skirt - The Limited
Burgundy tights - JCPenney
Cognac almond toe pumps - Burlington Coat Factory
Brown woven belt - unknown
Multicolor bead necklace - NY & Co.

That necklace has to be the favorite in my collection. I usually wear it frequently in the summer months, but it was nice to be able to get some wear out of it during another time of the year.

05 March 2012

Friends & Foes

I know that they're a necessary evil, but concrete sidewalks are kinda the bane of my existence... Ok, maybe that's a tad dramatic, but they're definitely are on the "foes" list of my precious heels.

I got this lovely pair of Nina Electra pumps for my birthday last fall and wore them once.

On that exact same night, my heel dipped into a crack on the sidewalk and that was all she wrote:

But no need to fear, my "friends" are here - Sharpie markers to the rescue!

Awhile back I purchased a 16 pack of Sharpie markers, specifically to rescue damaged and dinged shoes. I know it's certainly not a fix all, but it's definitely enough of a band aid to make me feel better. My stockpile of multi color markers is just one of my personal wardrobe tips and tricks that I return to time and time again.

 Hugs and kisses to dear, dear Sharpie...

02 March 2012

DD's Style File - Bright Sunshiny Day

I didn't pick out my clothes last night like I should have, so I hadn't a clue what to put on for work. After deciding against a more somber palette of black and gray (which I had already worn the day before), I started grabbing things at random. My mission consisted of:

a)  getting out of the house on time
b)  it must go with tights
c)  the opposite of black and gray

Trust me, it was a challenge. And it was gloomy out, but since I'm itching for spring - I used that as my motivation.

The results:

Navy striped tee - Old Navy
Yellow cardigan - Express
Chambray skirt - NY & Co.
Fuchsia belt, navy tights and silver braided bracelet - The Limited
Navy reptile pumps - DSW
Pearl necklace - thrifted
Midnight blue pearl studs - Honora

And to top it all off, I added my I-had-to-have-it-because-the-color-was-so-beautiful splurge of a handbag I purchased late last summer. Nothing says spring to me like my Marc By Marc Jacobs Classic Q Ukita satchel in blue reef:

Despite the random decision, the look left me feeling happy all day, plus it stopped raining and was relatively warm and sunny when I got out of work, so apparently Mother Nature and Old Man Winter approved too!