19 March 2012

A Case of the Mondays...

Monday. Not my most favorite day of the week. And when they go badly it makes me want to retreat back to the snuggly cocoon of my down comforter.

So imagine my frustration when I slept through my snooze alarm and had to hustle to get myself together. Only to get hung up yet again when I could not find my heels. A pair of basic black, snake embossed peep toes, that are actually super comfy. They were nowhere to be found.
So, I grabbed a lower pump instead.

Jessica Simpson Kendale

Since I was running late, I got caught behind a school bus that I normally would have missed. I took this delay as an opportunity to put on my jewelry. My bracelet conveniently breaks, sending a small shower of pearly beads into my lap and under my seat.

I finally make it to the office, I try to walk/run, open my umbrella and avoid incoming traffic. Then...my heel quickly dipped into a jagged crack in the parking lot pavement (we know how I love that):
Ginormous gash...
I practically had to perform surgery with a black Sharpie and Crazy Glue in order to walk around reasonably inconspicuous for the rest of the day...

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