23 March 2012

Get to Know Neon

I am definitely an eighties baby, but just have an eensy weensy amount of hesitancy about pulling off neon. It seriously makes me think of being eleven with a wrist full of those rubbery bangle bracelets. Loved it then, just not too sure about it some twenty years later.

But it's slowly growing on me and I think it can be fun yet grownup too.

If you're a bit like me and not sure if the neon trend, which is SO hot for spring 2012 is for you. Here are my suggestions on how you can work this look into your wardrobe without detracting from who your are. Fashion is all about expressing yourself, so whether you'd like a little or a lot, here are a few options that you can make your own:

First we have an option for those of you who think this trend is sweet and like lots of it. I think this is a totally wearable look for bright, sunny Saturday's when you're out enjoying the weather.
Neon - The Sugar Bowl

Next is for those of use who are warming up to the idea, but not ready to dive in head first. It's about taking your standard palette and choosing a neon as an extra pop of color instead of maybe black or white.

Neon - A Teaspoon of Sugar

And if you're one of those just "a pinch of sugar" kinda girls, you can still rock neon too. Keep your doses small, utilizing accessory space like wrists, waists and necklines.
Neon - Just a Pinch

Whatever your preference, there's a way for you to be on trend and keep neon within your personal style. I plan to give it a try, how 'bout you?

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