28 March 2012

HIPP x RGB's Follow Up Collection

Last summer RGB collaborated with Jenna Hipp and introduced the Hipp x RGB nail foundations, nude shades formulated to compliment varying skin tones and to work as a base evener under other polishes.

They have now introduced a follow up collection, consisting of Nail Tints, with all the shades following the same shade premise as the foundation colors.

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The concept behind the tints is like using a tinted moisturizers for your face. This unique approach to nail color was intended to develop hues that match and compliment a variety of skin tones for a flawless, even, sheer finish.

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Nail Tints can be applied with two coats for that hint of color or worn over over the Nail Foundation for healthy, natural, and completely customizable nude.

And if sheer, natural toned nails aren't really your thing and you want a bit more of a pop, College Fashion has the scoop on the Kardashian Nicole by OPI follow up collection which is all about - who else - Kim!

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