05 March 2012

Friends & Foes

I know that they're a necessary evil, but concrete sidewalks are kinda the bane of my existence... Ok, maybe that's a tad dramatic, but they're definitely are on the "foes" list of my precious heels.

I got this lovely pair of Nina Electra pumps for my birthday last fall and wore them once.

On that exact same night, my heel dipped into a crack on the sidewalk and that was all she wrote:

But no need to fear, my "friends" are here - Sharpie markers to the rescue!

Awhile back I purchased a 16 pack of Sharpie markers, specifically to rescue damaged and dinged shoes. I know it's certainly not a fix all, but it's definitely enough of a band aid to make me feel better. My stockpile of multi color markers is just one of my personal wardrobe tips and tricks that I return to time and time again.

 Hugs and kisses to dear, dear Sharpie...

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