24 September 2013

Somebody Had a Birthday!

Hey y'all!! If you follow me on Instagram then you know my birthday was on Saturday. However, since my birthday is rather special to lil' ol' me, I usually try to make it a weekend event. So, Friday I took the day off work and treated myself a facial.

My loved ones and I headed over to Cleveland on Saturday to do some celebrating. To my disappointment, the weather was a bit cooler than I would have liked (considering Friday was a warm beautiful 75 degrees), but I soldiered on in my sleeveless birthday dress anyway. I found the chill to be tolerable...especially after a chocolate martini or two!

We had dinner at XO Prime Steaks, where I was treated to my first crème brulee. Mmmm! I was quite surprised that it was actually so tasty. The creamy mousse hidden under the layer of crunchy caramel was smooth and sweet, though not overly so. And the side of mixed berries created the perfect flavor compliment.

Dinner was followed up by a comedy show at the Improv, where I laughed until tears ran down my cheeks and my tummy ached. And my celebration weekend was capped off on Sunday as I spent some time cashing in a few of those gift cards! *smile*  Why wait?...

I hope you all had a weekend as enjoyable as I did and that your week is off to a fabulous start. And don't forget to head on back here on Thursday when I'll be kicking off my Fall Fabulous giveaway featuring a yellow Phillip Lim x Target mini satchel!


  1. Happy Birthday,what a great birthday weekend, I love going to comedy shows so much fun:)
    Ms Dee Kay

    1. Thank you Dee Kay! It was certainly enjoyable. I laughed until my belly hurt, comedy shows are awesome just as long as I'm not in the front!