05 September 2013

DD's Style File - Floral Explosion

This top is one of the pieces I picked up while visiting NYC. I liked that it was a bit different, the high low trend mixed with a loose fit and a nod to peplum. It was still rather warm out so I decided to pair it with a skirt instead of pants this time.

Whether I like it or not, it's winding on down to cooler temps for those us of here in the North. There are benefits to embracing the change - sassy boots, powerful leather pieces and dramatic coats (which I have been quietly perusing since June), but then I also kind of welcome some other good stuffs, like the smell of crisp apple and pumpkin spice candles and the return of fall primetime TV. I mean a part of me is wiggly with excitement in anticipation of new episodes of Once Upon a Time and Scandal (I scold myself for taking this long to tune in to Olivia Pope's fierce fabulousness).

Floral top - Forever 21
Navy skirt - The Limited
Grosgrain pump - French Connection
Bow bag - Apt. 9 for Kohl's

But I'm definitely not looking forward to the challenges, which mostly comes from the fact that fall all too quickly turns to...winter. Ugh. Managing my blog posts/photos when its dark when I leave home and dark when I get off work is just not something I'm excited about. Because if we're just downright honest about it, taking good indoor photos is no easy feat unless maybe you're the offspring of a photography whiz... Which I am not. (Isn't there an IFB post somewhere out on the World Wide Web that can help me with this one??)

But as darkness takes over more hours of the day there are other drags too, like saying buh-bye to the walks I take with Toonchie. And the threat of gaining back those six pounds I was so proud to lose (doesnt sound like much, but it made a world of difference in how my clothes fit). 

Admittedly, I am trying out "puppy care" with Toonch, aka daycare for dogs. It will at least allow him to get out and make some friends a couple days a week and the people there seem to be the bomb dot com. So today's his first day of school, stayed tuned for how it turns out lol. 

People who aren't doggie mommies (or daddies) totally think I'm nutso crazy for this whole "puppy pre-school" idea because he's a dog. But he's also a four legged family member and when those eyes look sad or lonely I've got to fix it somehow. So, naysayers be damned!

Anywho, I'm all done with my fall ranting for the moment. I'm going to live in the moment and toss pennies in the fountain and hope the 80 degree temps hang around until September 30th. 

This weekend I'm attending a wedding and trying to finish up my closet organizational overhaul, it's been a doozy. 

I hope you doves enjoy your weekend and we'll chat again next week!


  1. In love with all the colors in the outfit, from the top down to your ring. I'm also crazy about that bow bag!! You just look so lovely :)


    1. Thank you so much Stina! That bag is definitely one of my fav finds!