19 September 2013

My Thoughts - 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Review

It came. We saw. It conquered.

The 3.1 Phillip Lim collab with Target can be referred to nothing less than a success. It will pretty much rank right next to the Missoni, Prabal Gurung and Jason Wu collab sell outs. Doing so so quickly that it left fashionistas nationwide dashing for eBay and Poshmark attempting to get pieces that had sold out online and in their local stores.

Ok, so you don't typically see me saying anything at all positive about my hometown, here in little ol' nowhere Pennsylvania by the lake, but occasionally there's a sunny side. Interestingly, some of the ladies around here couldn't be less concerned with Target collaborations (unless perhaps it was from Oprah) and would likely only buy a piece from the collection because they thought it was "cute," not because of the connection to a fashion Gawd which they've never heard of.

So although our local store will stock just a small volume of the collab collections, they don't always sell out immediately (Missoni excluded, because I think that was an epic fail across the nation).

And this time, it meant when I visited our store on day four after the Lim collection launched, there were still pieces to be pondered and purchased.

Admittedly, some items were more popular than others, specifically the bags versus the clothes. Even the yellow bags versus the other colors. My personal thoughts on the clothes were that they would be cute on the right body, but that body does not belong to me.  Although several of the pieces were lovely and appeared to be well made, there was nothing that I couldn't absolutely do without.

For example, the cream ruffled top on the right in the pic below looked quite chic, but the material was surprisingly stiff to the touch, nothing like a softer chiffon-like fabric.

I considered the top or dresses with the jeweled encrusted necklines, but figured I could create essentially the same look on my own with a nice neck piece and a simple layering blouse or sheath. Actually the only piece of clothing I'm interested in purchasing seems to be the piece that no one else is lol! Which is fine by me!

The grey joggers are still available in all sizes online and there were still several sizes available locally. However, I am not at all interested in paying $30 for some sweatpants, so I'm just gonna bide my time until they go on somebody's clearance rack, feel me?


As an aside, the guys clothing was also still rather plentiful. Though I could tell it had been shopped, there were no gaps in the rack. I perused their pieces a bit too, but felt they looked better in the online photos than in person. Perhaps had I seen them tried on an actual body or a mannequin, I would have felt different. Did any of you grabbed pieces for the fella in your life?

Anywho... So obviously me and everyone else were all about those luxurious looking bags. My store sold out of all the handbags the first day. The only thing remaining when I visited four days later were two of the travel wallets. If you follow me on Instagram then you already know that I was lucky enough to grab the last of the yellow handbags and one of the ever so popular Boom sweatshirts (there were still several in varying sizes). But I was trying to not be greedy and stay budget focused, so I passed on the other bags.
The good news is, one of these lovely bags will be up for grabs when I host my FIRST GIVEAWAY!! I'm excited!! Be sure to come back and visit next week for all the details!

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