10 September 2013

DD's Style File - Pretty in Pink

Attending weddings always give you a chance to get all gussied up and put on your girliest of frocks (or sexiest, depending on the mood).

I loved the deep saturated pink of this dress and decided to go with it instead of a fab black peplum wiggle dress I had planned to wear instead. Which was ultimately a good decision because wouldn't you know another diva wore that same black dress!

The horror! It would've been right out of an episode of Fashion Police - "Witch, Stole My Look!"

Needless to say, I would've ended up going home and changing my clothes....and  ain't nobody got time for that!

So once again the fashion goddesses were on my side, thankfully. It worked out and I've decided to save the black number for my upcoming birthday.

The only downside to the evening was that I didn't get a chance to twirl this lovely little number around on the dance floor...  And anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely, positutely love. to. DANCE!

I dance at home while I'm cleaning, I dance with my nieces, with my dog, I've  even been known to get my two-step on at a store while shopping in the mall. (Especially at The Limited where they play great songs)

Pink ruffle dress - BCBGeneration
Polka dot handbag - Lulu Guinness for JCP
Black bow pumps - Kate Young for Target
Clear sunnies - Olsenboye
Watch - ALDO
3 finger ring - Forever 21

So what was the problem, right??? Well, it's a dinged up damaged pinky toe. It looks fine if you're eyeballing it, but after being smashed into a coffee table last year, it hasn't been quite right since. I spent several months wincing in pain during pedicures before it felt rather "normal" again. (And no, I didn't go to the doctor...I can tape it to its neighbor myself.)

That was until I accidentally banged it into a doorjamb last week and restarted the cycle. I then spent several days in flats or shoes that didnt restrict its movement. But Saturday arrived and it was time to suck it up. 

I had no problems walking and standing, but that pinky toe made sure I knew that being stuffed in those adorable pumps was the last thing that it wanted to do...sooo shaking my groove thang was kinda out of the question. 

No complaints here though, I still had a great time!

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