25 July 2013

DD's Style File - A Touch Tribal

I believe I've mentioned my love for harem and pajama-like pants at least once before. And that includes this chevron print style from Forever 21. This top is actually one of my closet staples, I've had it for many years and love that it's flexible and can be dressed up or down.

Cream sleeveless blouse - old
Chevron print pant - Forever 21
Black ankle cuff sandal - Jessica Simpson
Red leather mini tote - Foley + Corinna
Southwestern style necklace - Forever 21
I loved the little touches in this outfit, like the fringe on the bag and the tiny feathers on my necklace and how they made the pants look a bit special and not just like zig zags.

I'm trying to get more comfortable with carrying smaller bags and clutches on a more regular basis...it's still a challenge, but usually it works out most if I pick it for functionality - like shopping! Then I have my hands free and my large shoulder bag isn't draining on the energy I need to load up my arms and head to the dressing room!

I know that there aren't typically a lot of smiles in the pictures that get posted to this blog, but that is seriously not a representation of my character! I am silly, giggly and down right goofy in general! Frequently in editing, I just prefer the non-smiling photos. However, this bunch of photos had NO smilies...(though I hope don't look extra, extra grumpy....)

I had an explosion of a migraine trying to take me out and the bright expanse of sunshine was just not helping the situation at all! I was trying to hurry and snap photos before heading home because I knew with this headache, the day was pretty much over... That's also another reason why I'm often in sunglasses, as much as I love sunshine, bright sun can give me a headache too (sad, but true). Often you can even find me driving on those weird overcast days still with my sunnies on.

Anyway, I am feeling better and thank you all for stopping by to visit. I do hope you doves are having a fabulous week!

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