11 July 2013

DD's Style File - I've Got a "Crush" on Prabal Gurung for Target

In addition to this top, I also purchased the Nolita print dress (which I haven't yet worn) and pumps along with some other pieces that I returned. Although they looked so divine and appealing, I had to pass on the other Floral Crush pieces because I was too leery of sizing or too turned off by pricing.

However, because the pieces I got screamed spring/summer, I put them away until the weather was more agreeable. I mean, there's nothing like wearing a brightly splashed white floral shirt when it's 35 degrees and threatening to flurry in late April, right? So now I finally got the chance to pull them out for some fun in the sun.

I have to say this tee is hands down, no question one of my fav purchases thus far. You all may not be surprised to know that I wish I would've purchased two. And I'm not ashamed to say, yes, indeed, I'm on the hunt for another Floral Crush tee (size medium if you have one you're willing to part ways with!), preferably not one of those marked up ones being hawked on eBay.

Flower crush tee - Prabal Gurung x Target
Teal pencil skirt - The Limited
Cognac sandal - JCPenney
Coral bag - Nila Anthony

Besides it being just the prettiest little thing, I also got a lot of compliments from random strangers and the quality of the shirt is a really good weight and it just fits good, y'know?

Since there was a bit of a color explosion going on from the waist up, I kept the accessories simple with gold hoops and a neutral toned shoe. The bag was a coincidental compliment to the color scheme. I might as well just be frank and admit to y'all, although my second love is handbags (with shoes being first), which I have a nice collection of and I'm always looking to add to....I'm honestly kind of a lazy handbag girl. I get a staple bag with all my crap in it and somehow I seem to make it work practically every day. I do switch up depending upon my mood or destination, but sometimes the time is takes to switch things out is just the last thing on my list - so it tends to get bumped.

You may have also noticed my continuous, but gradual change in hair color over the last few weeks. And here I am blonde as can be, or at least intend to be, and I have to say I'm happy. Finally!

I tend to be a risk taker when it comes to my tresses. I cut and color my own crown, with bi-weekly visits to the barber for edging maintenance. With that being said, I will admit that I got to this point by playing Russian roulette a few times with the hair dye and went to bed wondering if I would wake a up bald the next day.

So far, so good.

This color is a little more care than I've been used to as of late, but I think I'll stay here a while.

That's all for today, beauties. Maybe we'll chat natural hair stuff another day. I'm jetting off to New York City in a week and I can't wait! My bestie, the food, the shopping, and the Jay-Z & Justin Timberlake concert! I'm forecasting an awesome getaway!

But in the meantime, I've got some packing to do....I hate packing.

I plan to post some pics while enjoying my vacay so head on over and follow me on Instagram.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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