18 July 2013

DD's Style File - MAXImum Style (Airport Edition)

Traveling calls for comfortable clothing. Which for me, means something that's not restrictive, doesn't wrinkle easily....and is cute. Therefore, my go to travel uniform typically consists of some kind of maxi skirt.

On recent quick stop to Target, I grabbed this skirt in two colors, but I put one back. At the time I convinced myself that I wasn't there to shop for clothing (I needed boring household goods), therefore I could only permit myself one small purchase. So I chose the black one, considering it the investment that I would get the most wear out of. Since it was only $25 I use the term "investment" loosely...

And though I don't regret getting the black one (I love how it came together for this outfit), I'm totally bummed that I didn't talk myself into spending the $50 to get both colors (even though my wallet is still proud of me). The skirt fit well, was breathable and silky soft. Unfortunately, now I can only imagine the combinations I could've created with the coral since it's out of stock at my local store and online.
*insert droopy bottom lip here*
Multi color headwrap - Target
White ribbed tank - Express
Black maxi skirt - Target
Black rosette sandal - NY & Co.
Oversized oval hoop earrings -
Stately Steel for HSN
Double strand necklace - Express
Belt bracelet - Charlotte Russe
Black midi rings - Forever 21
Onyx & diamond eternity band - Silpada

I will say the fabric on this skirt is rather thin, not cheap feeling per se, but in the right light it's more sheer than I prefer because there is no lining. In my opinion, without a lining Target should have priced it at $19.99... However, I resolved that minor dilemma by wearing a half slip.
And while I'm on the subject, sometimes people make me think I sound like an old lady when I say that I wear a slip! It's like people totally think you have to be a member of the "Grandma's Club" to wear one! But I have a small collection from full slips to half slips and couldn't be without them. To me, they are a normal part of a ladies boudoir. Especially with today's fast fashion being made from such thin materials. And since I began my professional career in my early 20's, I find them essential and necessary in an office environment.
And let me tell you, I regularly reach for my "strapless mini slip," otherwise known as the knee length half slip I'm wearing under this skirt. In order to give more coverage to those two ply fabric Forever 21 dresses, I pull that half slip up over my bosom and voila! Modesty saved!

My assistant decided he needed a break...

Well, divas, I'm off to the Big Apple! I hope I get the chance to capture some vacation images while I'm away!

Have a great weekend!

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