26 May 2012

DD's Style File - Weekend Chic: Mint Mullet Dress

I'm excited about this weekend style file post because when I saw this dress on the rack I was less than enthused but grabbed it anyway since it was in one of the colors that has been taking over my wardrobe this season. Plus, it looked like it had potential. I was shopping in a hurry, so I didn't have time for try ons and just went with my gut. And once I got it on, I was crazy about it, even in all of it's wrinkled glory!

I will admit that it was a dickens to iron, but well worth it. Once it was paired with one of my most recent shoe purchases (one of several purchases actually..), the stars aligned and it was bananas!

 Love! I felt chic and sophisticated, but not at all overdone.
Mint hi-Low hem dress - H&M
Taupe netted wedge - Gunmetal
Cream patent belt - H&M
Even though the dress is a soft pastel shade, since the shoes were more structured and busy, I kept the rest of the look simple, incorporating a skinny belt at the waist, a cuff bracelet and burnished gold and pearl drape earrings.

These shoes were sayin' something - had to have them. But Gunmetal was an unfamiliar brand to me, so I was concerned about the quality of the shoe. However, they've been so awesome I plan to stay on the look out for the brand because their execution is edgy, fashion forward and original.
White coated wicker clutch - Vintage
Taupe and gold woven bracelet - The Limited
Cream braid bracelet - Forever 21

Light pink sunnies - Charlotte Russe

This happened to be my first purchase of a dress or skirt with this mullet shape, but on my most recent shopping expedition in Atlanta I found myself stepping out of my "safe zone," purchasing a few other styles in similar cuts and several pairs of wedge heels. I just needed something fresh in my wardrobe beyond my circle skirts, pencil skirts and stiletto heels....know what I mean. (sending air kisses & hugs to Tamara at Nine West, you were a doll!)

Even though I'm in shopping haul heaven, I'd love to hear what are you feelings on the "mullet cut" hem, hate it or love it?

Have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

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