25 June 2013

DD's Style File - Fashion Passion with the Kardashian Kollection

When I first saw this top on Kourtney Kardashian on Instagram (where you can follow me), I knew I absolutely had to have it! It was so me. The only issue was that it was somewhere at the early onset of winter and the release of the spring collection was nowhere near the radar.

So I stalked Sears.com and waited, then waited and stalked some more.

When it finally became available online, it wasn't available at my local store, which always seems to be the case. Now, prior to this I'd never even tried on a piece of the Kardashian Kollection. What I had seen up until that point rarely wowed me. On the off chance I did see something with potential, it was always sold out in my size. Womp womp.

But this little gem I had to get my hands on. Now, Sears obviously has not gotten with the program that consumers like sales, coupons and coupon codes, or at the very least, free shipping. Seeing that every blue moon that I've ordered from them, they always got every dollar they could get out of me. But I sucked it up this time because I wanted that shirt!

Naturally, more waiting ensued as Mother Nature took her time turning winter into summer, but I'll forgive her this time....

Fashion print top - Kardashian Kollection for Sears (similar)
Black peplum pencil skirt - Target (similar)
Black sandals - Jessica Simpson (similar)

Green clutch - mark for Avon
Gold & black bracelets - Charlotte Russe
Gold & black statement ring - JCPenney

Are any of you fans of the Kardashian's clothing line or have got your hands on a can't miss piece? I'd love to hear about it, please post your comments below.

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