27 June 2013

DD's Style File - The LAD (Little Aqua Dress)

Wind and dresses really don't mix... And I'm going to get a little real with y'all - if I was someplace secluded trying to take these pics, I wouldn't have bothered to fight the wind at all. I would've just let it have it's way with me, because trying to keep London and France under wraps while setting up my tripod and whatnot was no easy task...

Teal dress- Jennifer Lopez for Kohl's
Multicolor pumps - Nine West
Neon yellow bib necklace - The Limited
Coral bow bag - ELLE for Kohl's
Gold encrusted bracelet - The Limited
Gold teardrop earring - Express

 You know ladies, I think it's probably a sign that you have too much stuff when you have pieces that you love, but end up completely forgetting that you have because it somehow manages to get lost in everything else. For me, that's this dress (amongst other things). I wore it for Easter last year and one other time, then it got packed up in some strange place during the move last August and I hadn't seen it since. Didn't even think about it actually, until last night when I was trying to lay out my clothes for the next day.

That nightly planning session usually goes something like this:

1. Check weather app on iPhone
2. Check calendar for any meetings the next day
3. Dive into the closet...walk back out thinking, "Where the heck is my....?"

After that, a mini panic might ensue as I try to figure out if said item is dirty, at the cleaners or just completely MIA.
This time, during my search I happened upon a mini treasure trove of forgotten dresses. Apparently, my mother had stuffed a bunch of items into a suitcase, which got put into a storage room (read: junk room). Thanks Mom...I think. *smile*
No, seriously though, I need to rifle through that thing and see if I can still fit stuff. Luckily, for me the fabric for this dress is forgiving.


When you ladies discover that you have much too much stuff, what do you do? Swap parties, donate or clothing resale stores?


  1. Omg! I have this same exact dress and I was searching for pictures to see what colored shoes I could wear with it and ran across your blog. I've always worn beige shoes before, but wanted some color this time around. Loved how you put the bright colors together! Not sure if im a fan of flower printed heels (personally not my thing). What do you think of leopard flats to go with this dress? Or hot pink? Ill be bringing my 2 year old twins that day so heels are not an option.

    1. Hi Yomaira! I love this dress, I totally wish I had it in multiple colors! I'm a diehard fan of leopard, but honestly never thought of pairing that print with this. For a color on color look hot pink would be cute, and I'm even a fan of a coral flat. I personally think it would look really pretty with a gold or silver metallic! (I've found them at Forever 21 and love mine)

      I'm sure either way you'll look fresh and stylish chasing around those two little balls of energy! I'd love to hear what you decided to pick!