06 June 2013

DD's Style File - I Got the Monochromatic Blues

It's rainy and gray (but warm) and kinda blah out, which can be a damper on the spirit, however Mother Nature's got nothin' on my blues! To punch things up I went with a monochromatic look of all cobalt blue.

It was bold, bright and bubbly, but as I took that final self check in the mirror before dashing out the door, I kind of felt like I had to be brave as well. I've done monochromatic looks in neutrals, and black of course, but to go with an intense tone like red, yellow, emerald green, or in this case, a saturated blue, you've got to go hard or go home!

But in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this outfit.

Polka dot clutch - ALDO
Turquoise pendant - The Limited
Pearl & crystal bracelet - The Limited
Silver crystal bangle - Cära for Target

The rules of monochromatic dressing used to dictate that all shades should be exactly the same, in order to keep the look cohesive, you'll often see it executed on the runways this way. But we all know that style is about coloring outside the lines, so although my blues happen to be pretty close in shade this time, I've certainly seen looks that are pulled together from tones in the same color family. I've played with this before in shades of oatmeal and beige, and plan to try my hand with more colorful pieces too.

Another awesome thing is that this kind of styling can transcend seasons. Just switch things up and go with deeper jewel tones in fall, throw some thick tights into the mix and you're good to go.

Cobalt blazer - The Limited
Cobalt layering top - The Limited
Cobalt cuffed crop pant - Express
Cobalt sandal - Steve Madden

Silver hoop earrings - The Limited

Mixing in a print or adding one different pop of color is another way of making the look your own. And if you're not yet ready to dive in with head to toe color, remember that all black or all white is always effortless and chic.


  1. I love this outfit!! Adorable clutch as well :)