11 June 2012

DD's Style File - All White Erythang

I've blogged before about how enamored I am with an all white outfit. It just looks so fresh and crisp in the sunshine. Today was pretty much the perfect temperature, so I was more than happy to reach for my white linen blazer and capris to pull together a chic look for work.
White linen blazer - Charlotte Russe
White tank - Express
White capris - The Limited
All jewelry- The Limited
It's funny because you do have to be cautious with what you bump into during the day, which is why I still haven't purchased a white wool coat for the colder months, but in the summer it just seems easier to stay clean.

And white is such a standout bright I think that it gets you noticed the same way a bright red frock would. But don't think that white can't be fiery and sexy too!
Turquoise sandals - Rachel Roy
Light coral bag - Coach
Light pink sunnies - Charlotte Russe
White is a neutral that works with all metals, but I think it works best with your shiny silver pieces, allowing them to sparkle and standout against another cool tone.

I'm on the look out for the perfect white summer dress to replace a favorite piece of mine that I, unfortunately, can no longer fit. Strange how you can gain weight and not even notice until you can't zip your clothes up....but maybe that's just me?

1 comment:

  1. I love this outfit, all white with a pop of color from your statement necklace and those shoes are stunning! I am in love with the color! xo

    You are so right, when you wear white, you have to be so cautious about what or who you bumped into lol...I tried to wear white pants before but I'm so clumsy and always end up making a mess!