20 June 2012

DD's Style File - Stars & Studs

A big opening close up shot of my hairy forearms is almost enough to shame me... But hey, I've got too many other things to wax, pluck and shave to be worried about that. Afterall, I'm more giddy about my tough girl arm swag, in all of its metal and (faux) leather loveliness.

Stud bow & slim charm bracelets - Forever 21
Silver braid bracelet - The Limited
Flat bead bracelet - Unknown
Faux leather belt bracelet - Forever 21
When I saw this blouse at Zara, I was all over it. Not nearly as fabulous as Dolce & Gabbana's 2011 Stars collection, but about as close as I'm gonna get. And I liked that the print was small, which made it totally wearable for work. You had to be right up next to me in order to tell what the speckled print really was.
Pink starry bow top - Zara
Black knit skirt - Forever 21
Heart charm bracelet - Tiffany's
I don't have a lot of soft, baby pink shades in my wardrobe, so this was a nice addition. The details, like the exposed zipper in back, made for a feminine yet slightly edgier look.

Silver hoop earrings - The Limited
Booties - Target
Sunnies - Nine West

You'll notice that I'm often wearing sunnies in my photos, mostly because it's true to how you'd see me during the day, but also because I usually end up looking all squinty in my pictures without them. However, these sunnies were all about hiding the trouble lurking beneath... I had a seriously bad case of the itchy, watery allergy eyes and to add to the problem I was nursing a stye on my left eye.

Believe me, it was best for all if the shades were left on!

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