01 June 2012

I've Been Dazzled by ShoeDazzle

I've posted before about my apprehension toward shoe of the month clubs, and provided my opinion on my experience with ShoeMint thus far (it hasn't changed, read it here). But recently I gave ShoeDazzle a try.

Like the others, I went through a little "style assessment" and was presented with recommendations that would likely fit my taste. Honestly, most were a little too much heel for me. I'm most comfortable in a three and a half inch height (that doesn't make me less of a diva, does it?), but most of their selections were four inches or more. With shoes priced at $39.95 with free shipping and returns, I kept perusing hoping to find something stylishly suitable for my weak delicate ankles.

And then there were these cuties:

The Zamora. The colorblocking was on trend and paired with a neutral they were transitional enough for the office, an evening out and church on Sunday's. We ladies like a workhorse, don't we! The heel was the perfect height and once they arrived, they fit like a glove!

I haven't had the opportunity to wear them just yet, but the warm weather has just begun, so there's plenty of time left.

My experience overall with ShoeDazzle was a positive one. Plus, they automatically applied a discount to my first purchase, bringing the total down to about $31. I've checked back for more possibilities, but have not yet found any more that meet my requirements, so to speak. So if there are any ShoeDazzle reps reading this, "bring more 3.5" heel heights, please!" And you'll definitely have a return customer out of me.

I was shopping in a hurry when I made my shoe purchase, I think I was so excited that they actually had the shoe available in my size that I couldn't focus on anything else. So I missed ShoeDazzle's other offerings - bags, clothes and other accessories. However, these items are not at the $39.95 price point. Apprehension about quality is creeping in again, I envision the clothing to be not much better than a piece from Forever 21, but I ordered a dress anyway because it was very similar to something I'd been looking for. I'm hoping that since it was almost twice as much as a F21 dress that they will surprise me with the fabric quality and workmanship, especially since I wasn't able to use a promo code on my second order.

There is also a dynamite oversized clutch that I'm waitlisted for, fingers crossed that it comes in soon. (I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for that email)

So, I encourage you all to give ShoeDazzle a try, especially if some of these other clubs are a little pricey for your taste, like maybe,....*cough*.... the "Mint" clubs.

Once my dress comes I'll post some photos and my reviews on that. Stay tuned!

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  1. ive signed up for site like shoedazzle, they all seem to be going great ! nice pic!

    hope to see you on my blog :)

    Figure of Chic