13 June 2012

Diva's Desires

Diva's Desires has done a bit of a relocation....I can now be found on Pintrest! I held out as long as I could before joining the masses, but alas here I am. Longing, pining and pinning to my heart's desire with just a click of a button.

My objective is to not only use Pintrest for my aimless, leisurely pinning of pretty things, but also as an inspiration and idea board for home decor and personal style.

Three out of the four selections on my board probably make sense....a dress I want that's all sold out (*sad panda*), a bag that I'm debating on whether I need and a super fun clutch for summer.

Then there's the Zou Bisou Bisou... This is my little bit of love for my Mad Men obsession. Loves it. And how much did I want to be Megan as she transfixed the party revelers with her birthday serenade to the yummy Don Draper?! (and yes, I downloaded the song to my iPhone as well...)

But I digress.

It's on my board because I want to channel some of that kitten-like sexiness and bottle it.

Have you all joined the Pintrest world?? I'd love to visit your boards.

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