13 August 2012

Shopping Giddiness

Last week I wrote this post about being all jazzed up the past couple of weeks because of my recent shopping scores. It's those times where you finally get your hands on something that you've been itching to have and it was all sold out or you just couldn't get it in your size or your price point.

Incidentally, I've talked about all of my little lust's right here on Dazzling Diva:

First, there was the Valentino bow flip flop that I obsessed over last year after seeing them in Vegas. Well fate would have it, a year later I'd bump into good pair of flip flops that were so daggone similar that it caused me to squeal girlishly in the aisle at the store. I was so pleased, that I bought the last two pair in my size for a total of....wait for it....$8!

Then came the Vidalia clutch by ShoeDazzle, it was all sold out. But whaddya know, months later I was able to grab the same brightly colored Navajo print on another clutch for less than half the price than I would have paid. It wasn't the shape I would have chosen initially, but when there's something you've been wanting, when you find a comparable piece, suddenly you'll find yourself willing to compromise!

(Oddly, both those fashion voids were filled by the same retailer - Dot's.)

More recently came my burning yearning to have this Victoria's Secret ruffled maxi. By the time came that I received my clearance catalog, it was already all sold out - in all sizes. Now, I will say that I ran into it a couple times on the site before making my purchase, but I wasn't willing to bid on it. A bidding war for a coveted item is not my idea of fun. However, a regular scouring of eBay over a couple weeks finally led me to the exact dress in my size, waiting with a Buy It Now option. Consider it mine. Before the end of the season I will try to post of picture of me in all of its bohemian loveliness.

What about you ladies, were you lucky enough to score any coveted piece this year?

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