09 December 2015

DD's Style File - A Little Unusual

First things first...I hope you all are having a fabulous week and if you haven't yet entered the Holidays on Chic Holiday Giveaway, click HERE for your chance to win a pair of Kate Spade earrings and other gifts!

Now, on to fashiony things...

I don't consider my style picks to be "stuck in a rut," I just know what tends to work for my body and I gravitate toward those shapes. Often. I do, however, tend to feel like I go through "seasons" with retailers. I shop any and everywhere, but whoever is my retailer of choice becomes my go to place to shop, so I usually head there first and often. Eventually, I either find that their offerings become stale or something about their quality changes - like sizing or fabrication.

I recently started trying some things from Loft. Unfortunately, we don't have one locally, so I did an online shopping adventure (which is what I call running the risk of paying for shipping and returns).

One thing that I find myself not finding enough variation in, are prints. I adore leopard print (obviously), love polka dots, and have a thing for stripes, but I needed something else.

I've only made a couple purchases so far, but I picked up a couple of dresses, including this one, which I'd consider very different from my standard choices. The large striking print on the loose, breezy fit of this dress was a tad unusual. But I really, really liked that it's different and that it's a dress with sleeves! Because of the softer weight fabric it can also be worn through the seasons.

Dress: Loft - sold out (similar styles in different prints here, here, here, and here and this is super cute too)
Bag: H&M - sold out (almost exact match here and similar, similar options)
Booties: Amazon

The last three months I've worn A LOT of black. Probably more than I ever have. Ever. Which was because I was wearing the same pair of black leopard print New Balances every day. And I just didn't feel quite right covering myself in softer colors until your eyes reached my ankles.

Now that the doctor has given me the go ahead to slowly transition into regular shoes (flats, of course), I am uber excited about shopping my closet and wearing some things that I haven't in a while.

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