03 May 2011

Baby Smooth!

While walking through Walmart this weekend I snatched up a pair of exfoliation gloves on a whim and I have to say, I'm hooked! I'm a die hard bath pouf kinda girl, but felt that they never quite gave me enough exfoliation, so I also invested in body scrubs. But those were cumbersome to use and scoop out, plus they left you with an oily (and dangerous) coating on your tub, so I only dared use them for special occasions.

But with the exfoliation gloves I'm saying bye-bye to all of those woes! They come in a pair, but I only see the need to use one until it needs tossing, they fit my petite hands securely and although I typically use body wash, I find that they make a great lasting lather with bar soaps. I tried both a standard moisturizing bar and a deodorant bar and it worked great with each. Next I'll have to try it out with one of the bar soaps from Lush Cosmetics (Honey I Washed the Kids is a fav!)

I had no problem with hard to reach areas, thought it deep a great job on my feet and using the glove takes a step (or two) out of my beauty routine. I do have sensitive skin, though not extremely so, but would only recommend using these 3 - 4 times a week or less depending on your skin type. After my shower I apply my regular baby oil gel to slightly damp skin and once it's all absorbed I'm as smooth and soft as I was 30 years ago!  I don't know why I had never grabbed a pair of these sooner! I only use them for body exfoliation, and think they would work great to prep skin for shaving or self tanner.

I'm sure exfoliation gloves are sold at most of the big beauty boutiques if you're picky, but you could probably snag a decent pair at your local drugstore for a few dollars less!

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