31 May 2011

Fresh Florals

Freshen up your sweet florals by mixing things up and bringing pieces together that perhaps you normally wouldn't. Try your hand at print mixing by putting flowers with stripes, intermingling the military edge with the feminine aesthetic or going retro with florals and dots.

Mixing prints can seem a little dangerous and you may be concerned with coming out with wacky results, but the key to mixing patterns is to maintain one element between the prints. The easiest way is to do this is by keeping the color combinations in the same family or at least have them be complimentary. Another way to go about it is to keep consistency between the designs, like small with small and large with large.

Kate Bosworth

Eva Mendes
Selita Ebanks

Matching up prints in your wardrobe is another way to stretch out the items in your closet and also a way to spice things up if you're into neutrals, as you can stick with navys, browns and other shades that you're comfortable with just by keeping the aforementioned tips in mind.

Chrysanthemum Camouflage

Pretty Perennials

Everything is Coming Up Daisies

H m cardigan, 9.99 GBP
Oasis, 45 GBP

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