01 June 2011

Sexy, Sexy Summer

Summer sun brings the ability to expose more skin with short shorts, spaghetti strap tops and bikini bottoms. The need to keep these areas smooth and hairless goes from an occasional task to almost daily maintenance as the temperatures rise.

There are plenty of home removal methods from depilatory creams like Nair or Veet to razors with names like Venus, but if you happen to be like me, and have delicate skin that's sensitive, easily irritated by shaving and prone to ingrown hairs, I may have a solution for you.

For my legs I've always utilized an electric shaver, but for my underarm and bikini line those didn't cut quite close enough or easily bend to the curves. So, please allow me to introduce you to a few products that have forever changed the way I manage the upkeep!

The Cleancut T-Shape Personal Trimmer - designed to cut close to the skin without pulling, pinching or nicks.
The Seiko Cleancut Personal Shaver - which takes the stubble left behind by the T-Shape Trimmer and buzzes it all away, to a smooth finish, minus nicks or cuts.

Results from person to person will definitely vary, but I seriously can't rave enough about both of these personal care items. I actually purchased the shaver alone first, but got improved results when I also bought the T-Shaped trimmer. I get a close shave, have experienced no nasty ingrown hairs and no irritation, which are ALL pluses in my book. I originally purchased them just for my bikini line (because delicate attention in that area is of utmost importance), but after experiencing a recent rash of ingrown hairs under my arm I began using them there as well.

In case I've captured your attention, I'll just add a few other personal suggestions here that will be beneficial if you decide to try these items out. Since these are dry shavers, it is recommended that a talcum powder be used, which helps to dry up any excess moisture, allowing the shaver to glide over your skin in the same manner that shaving cream would. I personally use Johnson & Johnson Pure Cornstarch baby powder and apply Noxzema's Bikini Soothe & Smooth Refreshing Bikini Spray after shaving.

Summer has finally arrived in the northeast and now, I'm definitely ready for the beach!

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