28 June 2011

Fashionable Couples

Ok, so it might sound a bit cheesy to some, but I think that couples who are styled in a semi-coordinating way while out and about is really cute and uber stylish. Now, I'm not talking overt homecoming/prom matchy matchy, but complimentary looks or colors that keep things a bit cohesive. You can start by choosing your look depending on where you're headed, like to a party or on a date, then pull traces of your decided look into both you and your man's outfits. 

For example, if you go for a large print on your dress find a smaller variation of that print for him to use as an under layer piece. If you have a daring guy who is fashion forward, let his piece be the eye catcher, like a summer blazer in an unconventional shade. You can then intermingle that shade or a complimentary tone into your outfit, through accessories like a scarf or shoes. Of course you don't always have to go with the same print or exact colors, but try sticking within the same color family whether it's striking black and white, neutrals, or pastels.

Here are some of my fav celeb couple who make this type of look really work:

Victoria and David

Will and Jada Pinkett-

Of course this way of dressing you and your man can be an objective for big nights out on the town, but it can also be for a simple day of shopping and lunch. Just be careful to stay true to your guy's personal style preferences and don't try to throw him in Gucci if he's an Urban Outfitters kinda guy, know what I mean!

I've also put together a few ideas to use for points of reference. This is not to say when you go out to walk the dog, you have to look like bookends, but it's an easy and fashionable way to bring you closer when spending quality time together.

Sweets with My Sweetie

Romper, $39
Kenneth Cole Reaction buckle shoes, $44
Canvas handbag, $38
Beading necklace, $22
Marc by marc jacobs jewelry, $48
Antique belt, $47
Core L/s Cardigan, $40
Men's Shorts: Men's Cargo Shorts, Men's Plaid Shorts, Men's Khaki...
T-Shirt - Hand Drawn Stripe T-Shirt, £95
Brown fabric toe flip flops, £25

Beach Brunch with My Boo

White strappy sandals, £15
Roxy straw beach tote, £20
Guess earrings, $15
Swarovski heart pendant necklace, $35
Hello Kitty glass shades, $13
G by Guess aviator sunglasses, $29
Old Navy Mens Striped Oxford Shirt, $17
Save Khaki Cutoff Chino Shorts, $95
QUIKSILVER Stripe tank, £23
Converse 'Jack Purcell' Boat Shoe, $40
Bonfire Beach Blanket - Roxy, $40
Vero Moda SAMBA - Kleid - gentle red/optical white - Zalando.de, €22

A Night Under the Stars

Jumpsuits and romper, £30
Platform heel shoes, $30
Woven handbag, $28
Rachel chain jewelry, $22
TopShop leaf jewelry, $15
American Vintage brown belt, €30
Marc by Marc Jacobs gradient sunglasses, $98
Chain belt, £10
Mens Soul Cal Short Sleeved Grandad T-Shirt, £5.99
Old Navy Mens Linen-Blend Blazers, $35
Firetrap Straight fit regular jeans, £60
Mercanti Fiorentini Men's Floater Driving Moccasin, $70

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