27 June 2011

Shoe Shine

A hot trend taking over red carpets has celebs matching a shoe to their look that doesn't exactly...uh...match, so to speak. But I love it! I have an obsession with shoes to begin with, so giving your bright and bold pumps a time to shine is the way to go if you ask me. It's an easy and awesome way to make a statement. There are still some "rules" obviously, since any old shoe isn't going to work with the styling of your look, regardless of how fabulous it might be.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

Zoe Saldana

Brooklyn Decker

Olivia Munn
 Pay careful attention to the cut and shape of your pump, in order to rock a pair that's flattering to your particular attire. If your look is more summery, like shorts, a romper or a mini, go for sandals or peep toes. Whereas if your look is more ladylike or demure, you may want to go with a peep toe or closed toe pump. I've tried this trend out here and there and find that it works best with shorts and dresses, pants don't really give your shoe ample space for the greatest amount of highlight.

While the weather's warm why don't you give this trend a spin and put your gams and a pair of punchy pumps on center stage!

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