21 June 2011

Cleansing with Oil

If you have never heard about OCM, otherwise known as the Oil Cleansing Method, it is the process of cleaning your skin with a cleanser made of botanical oils like jojoba, argan, almond or eucalyptus, along with many others.

I began experiencing major breakouts almost two years ago, so I began using OCM. I feel that it does a better job of removing all of my makeup without leaving my skin feeling tight. Now, oily girls may scoff at the idea of using more oil to remove the oil on your face (I did), but it can actually act as a balancer for your skin. To reap the deep cleaning benefits of oil cleansing it's best to do this at night. If you're prone to blackheads and clogged pores, massaging your face with an oil cleanser can actually help push the impurities out of your pores. After working the oil into your skin a bit, you can remove it by splashing your face with warm water or steam it off with a couple applications of a wash cloth.

For you do-it-yourselfer's out there, you can certainly concoct your own oil cleanser, tweaking and adding things to your personal preferences. Originally, this is how I started, with just castor and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil), but many major beauty brands now offer cleansing oils and I have since moved on to one made by Boscia, which I love.

Skin Care by Shu Uemura
Skin Care by Shu Uemura at ShopStyle

Face Care by philosophy
Face Care by philosophy at ShopStyle

Skin Care by NARS
Skin Care by NARS at ShopStyle

Skin Care by Bobbi Brown
Skin Care by Bobbi Brown at ShopStyle

Face Care by Josie
Face Care by Josie at ShopStyle

Face Makeup Removers by Boscia
Face Makeup Removers by Boscia at ShopStyle

If you're interested, don't just take my word for it, because all of us have different skin and different issues, do a bit of research and you just may find out that you'd like to give it a try as well.

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