14 June 2011

Crushin' on Crossbody Bags

I'm typically a big bag kinda girl, like a bag big enough to carry all my life's essentials and then some. But lately I've been noticing crossbody bags way more often than I used to. I wouldn't gravitate to this style of bag for my normal day to day, but I think they would definitely come in handy when shopping, leaving your hands free to roam the sale racks and keeping your credit cards and cash safely nearby. 

To ensure that your crossbody bag gives your look a youthful touch, go with a relaxed, supple leather or structured shape in a print or bright shade. If you're like me and normally love oversized handbags, don't think you have to move on to an eensy weensy clutch size in order to go to a crossbody style, there are still substantial sized bags to choose from. I would just suggest you go with a proportion that's appropriate for your outfit. I personally consider this style of handbag in a more casual sense, though I think it could certainly work with an evening bohemian look and would be waaay more conventional than carrying a clutch.

Here are some celebs who provide some awesome styling inspiration, working crossbody bags with various looks and bag sizes:

Chanel Iman

Mila Kunis

Zoe Saldana

Katie Holmes

Vanessa Hudgens

Sarah Jessica Parker
Happy Shopping!!

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