02 January 2012

New Year, New You

As the New Year rolls in it brings with it the sundry of resolutions: vows to exercise more, lose weight, get more "me" time, read more books, and the list goes on. I have those, but I'll be honest...in past years I haven't had the greatest success sticking to them as the months rolled on.

I still do hold some of those privately (if I keep them private, no one will know when they go by the wayside...), but here's my list of "public resolutions" which I think I'll have a much easier time keeping up with:

1. Clean my makeup brushes every two weeks

2. Eat healthier (like adding more fruit and veggies to meals)

3. Change pillowcase every 5 days (for my skin)

4. Sleep on satin whenever possible (for my hair)

5. Increase water intake

6. Add vitamins to my diet

7. Take the stairs

8. Spend more time with girlfriends

9. Use my Kindle Fire to feed my mind (Christmas gift)

10. Get back on the ball with blogging

What resolutions does 2012 hold for you?

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