21 January 2012

Wardrobe Savers - Winter Rescue

No matter where we choose to spend our hard earned dollars - from Bloomingdale's to Marshall's - we all want to get our monies worth out of our purchases. The best way to make sure you get every last dime is to make sure take care of your garments, shoes and accessories.

I've got a couple suggestions for you that I not only advocate, but use and love (which is why I wanted to share it with you all!).

Winter weather and all it's salted sidewalks can totally ravage our beloved boots and booties. I discovered Fiebing's Salt Stain Remover last year and used it to rescue my favorite pair of black riding boots:

After using this it takes a little bit of work with some leather cleaner and a bit of polish and buffing, but if it's a pair you love, it's totally worth it. Trust.

So, after restoring your boots, you have to store them properly. I have this thing about keeping my shoe boxes, however retailer boot boxes for knee high boots aren't quite wardrobe friendly, so I purchased several clear boot boxes:

I crunch up paper and stuff them in the shaft, then store the boxes upright.

To take care of my knits and wool coats I purchased a Remington Fabric Shaver, and let me tell you, it was the the best purchase ever! Made my favorite, five year old wool jacket look like new, and shaved the piling off my lovely thin knit pullovers and cardigans from Express:

Trust me, for around fifty bucks these will be absolutely worth it to extend the life of your favorite items.

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