01 August 2013

DD's Style File - Nice & Nautical

This is my second navy and white striped dress this season (see the other one here), but I promise they're not the same! Now that I think about it, I even got them from the same place...

There's just something classic about a crisp white foundation with sharp navy lines. Not quite as bold as black, yet just as chic. And white and navy mixed with splashes of yellow just screams summer fun, right?

Navy & white striped dress - The Limited
Yellow woven belt - The Limited
Crystal bracelets - The Limited & Target

You know, it really is rather unfortunate that here in the north we're closing in on the final month of summer. Sometimes we do luck up and get an "Indian summer" but that's a crap shoot. Usually I just hope that the warm weather holds out until my birthday (September 21st), which I typically get lucky with. Then it's pretty much all down hill from there.

Speaking of birthdays, I guess I need to get on the ball and figure out what I want to do this year. I make a rather big deal out of my birthday because, hey, I only get one a year. And since I'm not a mom, I don't get that day and I have to share Christmas with everybody else, so that not quite as fun.
So my birthday is all about lil' ol' me!

I usually try to procure a great handbag too...I find they're a great way to celebrate a birthday. Two years ago it was my Marc Jacobs Akita (and *cough* a B. Makowsky) and last year was a Michael Kors...this year, hmmmm....I've got to think on that. It's got to be something special ('cause its my birthday n' all) and I'd like it to be stellar, like a bag I'd love to gaze at through the season. You know the kind, it makes other girls say, "Where'd you get that bag?!"

I'm definitely open to suggestions....

You beauties have a fab weekend!




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