28 August 2013

I've 'Fall'en for Khalen

Meet Khalen.

Jessica Simpson's Khalen boot became my very best friend last year. I wore them literally all the time. Khalen even had to take a visit to a cobbler for some light touch up work so she could keep on pushing through.

Those who know me (and those who visit this blog often) know that I'm probably tempted to buy a second pair of Khalen's as a back up so when the first pair get laid to rest we can keep right on strutting.

So it's without question that darling Khalen will be my "go to" boot of the season.

Since I'm fighting back the fall season with my undying desire to hold on to warm weather, I just couldn't bear to do a typical outfit post for IFB Project #110: Fall Boots. So, here are three ways I'm planning to rock Khalen when the temperatures plunge into the 40's and 50's.

Urban Cowgirl

Fresh for Fall

Khalen is chic enough to wear to work and out for play...


So even though I'm nowhere near ready for cooler weather, just between me and you, after doing this post I'm more than just a little bit excited for fall fashion.*wink*

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