12 November 2013

DD's Style File - Easy Like Sunday Morning

I consider this post to be the blog equivalent of a #latergram... I actually took these photos just a couple weeks ago, but didn't get around to posting them (I miss all the greenery already). As of late the weather has been super crazy and not at all conducive to blog photo shoots...

It's getting to be that time of year when seasonal depression starts to set in because you'll get one day where it's nice and sunny out (though fairly crisp) and two days later you get gray skies and snow-like substances. In a nutshell, it kind of sucks...but know that I'm still looking for the silver lining.

I've been soooo super busy lately. And the change in weather and time (setting the clocks back) have made me feel more inclined to stay home with a hot cup of tea or cocoa and curl up with the remote, my favorite throw and my little guy, Toonch.

In the colder months, I actually end up turning my focus less on fashion and more toward home décor. Which is probably pretty reasonable, considering that you spend more and more time indoors. So why not want it to look inviting.

White blazer - Labworks for Target
Beige top - The Limited
Navy pants - The Limited
Camo print flats - Express
Gold clutch - Cosmopolitan for JCP
Woven bracelet - The Limited

Incidentally, for a fashion girl like myself, the first home project I plan to tackle is not one of the main living areas.

It's my closet. Of course!

By the end of this month, I plan to purge a hefty amount from my wardrobe, but my primary objective is to make my closet into more of a "dressing room." I spend a decent amount of time in there and would like it to feel like my pretty place.  If you follow me on Pinterest you know I have a board dedicated to the Pretty Closet Challenge, and I've actually managed to get some of the pieces already. It's just that some of the shelving I just don't want to put together myself...

I know, that sounds bad, since I'm the one who wants a fancy schmancy closet. But I'm just not in the mood for mini wrenches, bags of screws and sheets of wordless directions...

Lately I've just been in the mood for "easy." Kind of like this outfit. Rather unintentionally, I've been spending more time in flats than normal. But y'all know I have to keep my punch 'n pizzazz, so I tossed some gold trimmed camo print flats and a nice big reflective gold clutch into the mix. I actually wouldn't mind sticking to this same look and switching out the white Labworks jacket with the other navy one I bought (yep, I bought two...). I think it would lend the look a contemporary suiting kind of feel.
Hmmmm....maybe I'll give that a try soon.
Well, I'm off! As I begin to make some progress on my dressing room I'll post some updates, which I hope you can use for your own inspiration. You ladies stay lovely!!

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