31 October 2013

Clarisonic Deep Pore Set Review

Ok, so it's been about six weeks since I started using the Clarisonic Deep Pore Cleansing system. The combination of all three pieces promises to control oil and noticeably minimize large pores. While the brush head is recommended for all skin types who have pores issues, the cleanser and mask are marketed toward individuals battling to control both. It's recommended that the mask is used a couple times a week in conjunction with the cleanser.

As I previously wrote about, I love my Clarisonic and opted for the acne brush over the deep pore one. However, I couldn't resist the urge when they packaged it up so nicely and talked those sweet words about smooth skin and disappearing pores.

When I used other cleansers that originally came with my brush, I felt they were more like detergent. Very drying and too harsh on even my oily face. Stuff like this tends to make the situation worse, as your skin attempts to overcompensate and therefore produces even more oil.

I found this deep pore cleanser to be less drying, but not by much. But felt that it cleansed in lieu of stripping moisture from the skin. So, I didn't have a problem using it twice a day, as long as I moisturized after (as I have to do anyway). The problem with this cleanser is that it is entirely too fragranced. I am sensitive to smells, but it's not like this is going to trigger a headache, but there's potential for a sneezing attack. It may sound odd to say keep it away from your nostrils and mouth, as you would think you would do that with most cleansers anyway. But seriously, this time, really take heed. It kind of stings or irritates my nasal passage and it tastes positively horrible.

Of course none of them taste pleasant, but none of my other cleansers leave any bitter afterthoughts in my mind. I can't even recall a taste. And that means something. In case you're curious, I rotate Neutrogena stress relief scrub, Murad AHA cleanser, Dr. Perricone vitamin C cleanser and Clean & Clear Soft scrub.

As for the mask, the instructions suggest that when you use it, do so right after cleansing, leave it on for fifteen minutes and then use your Clarisonic to remove it. But listen closely....


I find that it is entirely too drying to use this method. What I found works best is to use it after a milder cleanser, and remove it by rinsing off as I do any other mask.

As for the brush, I don't hate it. At first, I couldn't really tell the difference between this and my normal brush, but after several days I felt that it was denser and plusher than the acne brush, with shorter bristles. But the brush itself seems to clean well.

So, leaving you with my final thoughts - don't bother.

The kit retails for about $65 at most retailers, but I suggest you save your money and buy just the brush instead if you're truly interested. Although my breakouts have been tame as of late, I will likely return to my acne brush head after I finish with this one. However, I did see that they now offer Luxe High Performance brush heads, and I'm super intrigued (I'm a sucker for words like 'luxe'), so it's pretty likely that I'll have another review for you soon!

*This is not a sponsored posts, all products discussed were purchased with my own money. The opinions expressed are my own.

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