24 October 2013

Diva's Desires - Fall Dresses

I haven't done one of these in a minute, but let me just put it out in the atmosphere...for fall, I desire dresses, but more specifically dresses with sleeves.

Fall Dresses

I want weather appropriate dresses that compliment the figure, by skimming, not clinging, to my shape.
I want work appropriate choices that keep me warm in the office without needing an extra layer, but are chic enough to take me through the weekend with a scarf swirled about my neck finished off with ankle booties and patterned tights.
Give me cozy knit fabrics in flirty silhouettes, that leave me feeling fly, not frumpy.
And if you please, as wrinkle free as possible, with forgiving cuts that leave room, because I like to eat. 
I mean, 'tis is the season for apple cider, pumpkin laced everything, sprinkled with a bag of Halloween candy and a dash of Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner - so a little wiggle room becomes very necessary.

(this post has been sponsored by a frustrating shopping experience, as all these lovely ideas found online are not so readily available in stores.)


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