29 October 2013

DD's Style File - Dress Down Day

Dress down day, that's what the kids call it in school, right?

But really though, can you guys believe it?! I'm actually rockin' sweats and sneakers on the blog today! Yep, I actually own some, which some of my close friends totally would not believe I even own and wear when I'm not working out. Hey, I like to get comfortable too, and some days its just necessary, y'know.

Cold shoulder top - Forever 21
Gray joggers - Zara
Leopard foldover clutch - Forever 21
Black wedge sneaker - Simply Vera for Kohl's
Earrings - Stately Steel
I love me some joggers though, especially the ones with the tapered ankle. I'm the first one who wouldn't be shy about wearing sweatpants and heels. I know some say it's a fashion "don't," but for me it's a little glam meets a bit of street. However, for this day, it was all about cute, cool and comfortable - hence the wedge sneakers. But either way I'd toss on a big, slouchy sweater or sweatshirt and off I go.

I'm not big on studs, but I thought the neckline added a little baddie, no?

Denim jacket - Old Navy (old)

I really gravitate to off the shoulder stuff too, pretty much just as much as I love leopard print. And even though this top was a bit different from my normal style choices, it sang to me from the rack as I walked by (think Pier One commercial). You all might be slightly surprised to know that as much as I buy new things, this denim jacket is an oldie, but goodie. I got it at Old Navy for about $20 like nine years ago and it's a workhorse, it's takes me through spring and fall with a pashmina double wrapped around my neck, wards off the chill on cool summer nights, and adds some casual ease to business pieces.

I'm curious whether you ladies think I'd be committing a fashion crime by wearing stilettos and sweats, so feel free to drop me a comment below!

Until next time, beauties, have a fabulous week!

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