01 October 2013

DD's Style File - Toto, Is That You??

Ok, so the road obviously isn't yellow, but as I was editing I stopped and thought that this photo seriously made Toonchie and I look like our own little knockoff version of the Wizard of Oz...

Blue dot dress - The Limited
Yellow blazer - The Limited
Multi print shoe - Nine West
Multi color necklace - thrifted

But let's talk for a minute... Let's talk about how this was just not a great photo shoot day. Like this is seriously the only photo that came out well.

I decided to do a little multitasking and take pictures in between dropping my mom off for errands. However, imagine my delight once I got to my destination and I realized that I'd left my shutter release at home. I. Was. Tickled. Pink.

And to further add insult to injury, for whatever reason, the camera self timer did not want to play nice. So, if it wasn't for this one photo, it would've been a total waste of time. So thank goodness there was at least one in the bunch.

But thankfully my little guy was being on his best behavior (unlike the other day at the park), so I guess I can be grateful for that too... I do love this photo though, so I'm probably going to get a copy framed and add it to the family portrait wall in my house.

But I have to admit that it was rather hilarious to me when I realized the blue dress, reddish shoes and a pup chillin' at my side felt kinda reminiscent of an image of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz lol!


I will say, although the story of Oz is one of my all time favorites, I'm definitely feeling my polka dots over Ms. Dorothy's gingham....but of course I'm biased. *wink*
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