10 December 2013

10 for $10 (or Less!) - Gifts for the Unexpected Guest

At holiday time I like to be prepared as possible, and that means having Christmas gifts on hand for those unexpected visitors! It could be your brother's new girlfriend, a friend from work drops by or a cousin you haven't seen in ages shows up to spread some cheer.

Well, even if that person knows that I was not anticipating their arrival, I still feel bad if they leave empty handed. Especially, if they have such great timing that they show up during the family gift opening!

So as I do my holiday shopping, I try to also pick up a couple things that I can wrap and place under the tree as "placeholders." And no worries, these gifts don't have to be major purchases!

10 Under $10 - Gifts for the Unexpected Guest


1.  Mason Jar Shot Glasses $10
2.  Hard Case Security Wallet $10
3.  Studded Bow Convertible Gloves $7
4.  e.l.f. Nail Cube $10
5.  Copco Reusable Travel Mug $8
6.  Pocket Ungame $9
7.  Merona Fleece Scarf $9
8.  Agloves Unisex Texting Gloves $9
9.  Bath & Body Works Scentportables $10 (for holder and pods)
10. Mens Studded Wallet $10

Another great thing about these presents is that they are all things that if you don't gift them away, you can use them yourself (or give one belatedly to a forgotten friend)! So, I'd personally encourage you to grab things that you'd also like, because you just might be able to keep them! *wink*

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