03 December 2013

Don't Break the Bank Holiday Gift Guide

'Tis the season, y'all! Even you hadn't started before, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have kicked off the official holiday shopping season, so get your credit and debit cards ready!

In season's past I've typically been delighted to be known as the family Santa, as I thoroughly enjoyed shopping for family and friends. I was even one of those people who had backup presents under the tree in the case of an unexpected guest. It was a regular occurrence for my shopping list to be all checked off by October.


Not this year. This year I find myself struggling a bit for gift ideas and find my brain a bit too fuzzed out to focus at times. I figured maybe some of you may be in the same boat, so I'm adding my two cents into the world of gift guides taking over the web.

So let's dive in, shall we!


For your friend who is the walking, talking diva of your group, give her a little glam to take her into the new year, with the gift of fabulous fur (in an animal friendly faux) or sparkly sequins:
We all have that girlfriend who is religious about taking out "me time" (which is uber important) and loves to spend that quality time enjoying good soak in the tub. Help make those moments even more special by adding a touch of glimmer or coziness to her ritual:


She's just a lover of makeup, but all of her friends are pretty sure that her artistic skills rank right up there with the best. Give an elegant gilded tray for her to display her fav beauty goods or a shiny dotted train case can keep her organized on the go:


For the diva that keeps you all updated on the latest and greatest technology, and is never seen without one of her devices (if not more!), deserves gifts that customize or accessorize! Give her stylishly fun keyboard decals for her Mac or an oversized clutch that can do double duty as a device case or outfit accessory:

7. Kidecals Keyboard Decal $16
(as a gift for all my lovely readers, get 15% off your order
at Kidecals.com when you use the code 'fashion' at checkout)

Bounties of baubles can be found adorning the fingers and neck of this fabulous friend, give her a place to store those adoring pieces by her bedside. You can personalize a dish and have it monogrammed with her initials, or even better, if she's a recently engaged friend or newlywed, this is a sweet way to acknowledge her new union:

I really do try to give thoughtful gifts to my loved ones and dear friends during the holidays, but that certainly doesn't mean I have to go broke over it! All of my suggestions are priced under $25, because even divas have to budget.
Any suggestions I've provided where prices may or have gone up, keep an eye out for 50% off sales (like at Express and The Limited)  and coupons in your inbox or mailbox (Ulta has a $5 off $10 currently circulating) which will help to keep your price points low.
If you ladies have any other key places for finding great holiday gifts, I loved to hear about them in the comments!

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  2. That sequin infinity scarf is so pretty!

  3. So cute, right?! I totally want it for myself!

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